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Drinking through a straw

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I haven't done any quantifiable research in to this (at least not that I can remember) but I'm certain that drinking any alcoholic beverage through a straw gets one piddled far quicker than sipping from a glass/bottle/yard/whatever.

Any ideas why?

Drinking through a straw

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because your drinking far more than you normally would in each go

Drinking through a straw

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Phoenician Trader

I was on a pub crawl (no, me? never!) and I was awarded double points for drinking my beer through a straw (the aim of the exercise was to be "par" by the end of the course/crawl).

I didn't drink my beer any faster than the others but it nearly wiped me out.

If nothing else I can recommend it as a way of getting drunk cheaply.

smiley - lighthouse

Drinking through a straw

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Rock and roll!

Bonus points to the next man (or woman) found throwing up holding a Mickey Mouse straw!

Drinking through a straw

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Roy Prefect

Well, using a straw while drinking is very, very efficient. Especially Pre Mixed Drinks, or bottled beer.

But the point isn't to drink through the straw. You've got it all wrong then.

See, what you do, is put the straw in the bottle, (You need the kind of straw that's bendable at the top). You then proceed to bend the straw down paralell to the bottle neck. When drinking, make sure your mouth covers both the bottleneck and the straw completely.

The straw will then let air intop the bottle, as you empty it of it's contents, preventing a vacuum caused by the bottleneck.

You should easily be able to down a bottle of beer within 3 seconds. (depending on how quickly you can swallow).

This method will easily allow you do to do away with a 12 pack within an hour, and will also do away with a large portion of your common sense.

Cheers from Norway smiley - biggrin

Drinking through a straw

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My god, I will have to try that. Cheers to yousmiley - cheers

Drinking through a straw

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Roy Prefect

Hehe, have fun, but be warned, you get wasted quickly. But then, that's the whole point... smiley - cool

Would like to try it with a PGGB (Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster) Like you didn't already know that :p

Drinking through a straw

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Frankie Roberto

Yeah, that's called 'strawpedoing' (atleast where i am). It's good, but only some people can do it. You have to be able to open your gullet and let the drink go straight down (and not try to swallow).


Drinking through a straw

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I herd of that (of course I would never parakein such activities uhhum) but we call it rocketing

Drinking through a straw

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Not too sure on why drinking through a straw has such an effect but standing on your head or jumping up and down supposedly compounds the effect!!

Drinking through a straw

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Hey smiley - smiley yes drinking through a straw does get you drunk more effectively saw this on tv :P This is because when you sip through the straw air is mixed with the alcohol better and this carries the alcohol to the nasal cavity where it is absorbed more quickly into the blood stream. So all adults out there have fun smiley - smiley

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