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The drink of the Gods

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marvthegrate LtG KEA

In recent years I have sampled som of the strangest mostly potable drinks known to man, dog, or ravenous bugblatter(?) beasts.
I have to say that my four favorites are, in no particular order.

Mexican Beer Good for that all night beach party. Primarily Corona extra.

Flaming Dr. Pepper Good to forget the night. Shot glass w/ 3/4 shot of Amaretto (sp?) 1/4 shot 151 set on fire and dropped into a glass of beer.

Kamikaze pure, distilled Evil. 1.5 oz Tequlia 1 oz Vodka 1 0z Triple Sec .5 oz sweetened lime juice.

Super F**k Great way to become 10 feet tall and bulletproof. I wish I had the recipe to this great drink, but alas the bar that I got this at closed. I still to this day cannot reproduce this drink.

The drink of the Gods

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dunno about Super F**ks or Ravenous Bug Blatter beasts either but I can recommend a Vodka called 'Inferno' which was obtained in Canada. It is possibly the greatest short you can drink neat. It is a Chilli vodka - I can tell this even after I have drunk several as there are two huge Chilli peppers in the bottle. The vodka gradually takes the colour of the chillis. The top thing is that the vodka isn't necessarily too hot, or too strong, but just has a fantastic taste.

The drink of the Gods

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marvthegrate LtG KEA

Also there is a new product that will be introduced in NewYork and Chicago this summer and to the rest of the U.S. by year ens called Blavod.
Blavod is a black Vodka. I understand it is smooth and best ice cold. I cannot wait to try it.
http://www.blavod.com/ try it out..

Large VAT

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On the Vodka front you have to go Scandinavian. Absolut, Danka, and Koskenkorva, none of them drinks to be meddled with. Although, while browsing through a compendium of vodkas (sad but true) I read about a company distilling vodka from icebergs. Anyone know the whereabouts of such a vodka? I think it was Canadian, but no idea waht the name was.

Vodka (iceberg related)

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Researcher 49396(NEV)

The parents of an extremely famous fjord designer lived in Northern Norway, where icebergs are plentifull. The ditilation and consumption of Iceberg vodka is a regional passtime, but has the odd side effect of causing parents to name their offspring with the first utterance of the father after copulation. Ie Slartibartfast ( translated as "have you farted you dirty cow"

The drink of the Gods

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Species 33483

Please allow me to chime in with what I feel to be some serious wisdom on the subject of alcohol, pertaining to which my experience may qualify me to claim some small expertise; and regardless, I'm such a know-it-all type that I always claim to be distributing the Serious Wisdom; so of course I say "mark my words":

Now I've drunk kamikazes and fuzzy navels and Up-Your-Bum-Sideways-With-a-Ginger-Malt-Twistie's, and all other varieties of trendy, disgusting candied jet fuel, and I strongly disrecommend the lot. Take my word for it: if a drink has more than two or three syllables, it's crap. Good rule of thumb, that.

I only mention such unmentionables to differentiate them from the Drinks of the Gods, listed below:

English ales - preferably not Irish or German or, for JHVH's sake, especially NOT Canadian - and NOT lagers or porters or stouts, but any good ale will do in a pinch. Can't go wrong. Open, drink, and repeat as necessary. Try Bass or Newcastle for optimium performance.

For more serious drinking:

Scotch whiskey. Again, not Irish whiskey, or bourbon, nor rye. Here you really must stick to your guns. Accept no substitutes for premium single-malt, unblended Scotch. You can drink it straight or on ice, or I suppose if your a philistine, with water. No soda or mixers, or it's your karma.

There - now you know.

Reverend Jim

The drink of the Gods

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Dear Reverend Jim, there is no e in Scottish whisky only in the Irish variety.
This absence of E's makes it a much smoother drink

The drink of the Gods

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The drink of the gods was known as necter. Undeniably this is what we know know as mead. It is easy to make and has a documented aphrodiesac effect. After all, this is where the term "honeymoon" came from!

The drink of the Gods

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Brewted, you are wise. I brew my own mead and it is indeed nectar. My last batch fermented for a year. Technically I brew melomel because I add Fruit to it (strawberries and raspberries). I also ferment it with Champagne yeast which gives it those little bubbles.

I am currently finishing off a single malt north highland whisky. Wow!

The drink of the Gods

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I nearly got into a bar brawl because I gave the fellow on the stool next to me a hard time about drinking single malt on ice.

Cragganmore's my favorite, but it's hard to get a decent choice here in Arizona.smiley - kiss

The drink of the Gods

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marvthegrate LtG KEA

Wow, how things change in five years.

I now brew my own beer, drink primarily gin and tonic or tequila.

I forgot all about this conversation!

My favourite vodka is straight Stolichnaya.

The drink of the Gods

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Too quickly cool any drink try using "Freezer spray"

Its non toxic and evaporates quickly taking all the heat away.
Not a substitute for putting your vodka in the freezer but will cool down any drink as well as creeating a cool fumming effect as it evaporate

"Frezzer Spray" can be obtained from chemical supplyers and some DIY and electronics stores such as maplins.
smiley - cheers

The drink of the Gods

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I would just like to chime in with something here. I'm a quarter greek. And as a Partial greek I have to say something for Ouzo. It is pretty potent stuff. And if you share a fondness for black jellybeans like I do... Or like Jagermiester then this is the road for you.

Ouzo on ice.
Pour small amount in cordial glass over ice cube. Wait till it clouds. Consume.

Many an person has fallen in love with this most wonderful and potent drink. So I say OPA! and down another.

The drink of the Gods

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Well, Hello there Hossers...
now this is my kind of conversation, there are a few things i would like to reply to here...

- This Blavod you speak of .. I am Very Intrested! i went to the web site but i could not figure out if this wonderful Vodka would be sold in Canada, Specifically Vancouver, BC. I cannot Wait to give it a go!

- Reverend Jim. Species 33483 Posted - July 31, 1999.
you may not be around, but i hope u get this... I am quite irritated you think that canadian Ales are not good. smiley - dontpanic
I would like to state here and now, No one has stronger beer then Canadians. Not just stronger, but mmm mmm good!
and Irish whiskey is wonderful!!!
and Grants ! mmmmmmm Grants !

- But better then grants would be Appletons Jamacian Rum, OOOh but better then that, would have to be Stolichnaya! Vodka( yes , i do dephinatly agree with Marv the Grate )or moskofskia ( not so sure of the spelling here ).

- And This distilled from icebergs vodka , i will have to give it a go.

- I am going to try the drinks i have found on this site, Flamming Dr. Pepper, Kamaikaze and of course the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster .. i am very intregued to try this earth .. version.lol

Thank you for lisening to be Blab.
( by the way i am a Hungarian, Irish, Scottish CHic.. and i love me booze. LOL )smiley - smooch

The drink of the Gods

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regarding Ouzo. This drinkis notorius but not exclusivly for its imediate effect. This is a spirit of 35%+ ABV (dont know what that is in proof) so you can get drunk easily. Its liqrice taste is great ad it goes down well.

but ...

cos theres always a but

I have herd but this may be myth that when drinking it some of the alchol can dry in the stomach (this happens with pernod as well) this means that when you get up bluryed and hungoer and have a glass of water the alcohol enters the blood stream. geting rid of the hangover but making taking painkillers dangerous (ie fatal) and should make you think alot before doing anything you wouldnt do after a pint or two.

Like i said it culd be a myth i dont suffer from hangovers but i do like Ouzo. usely i dnt do much the next day so i dont know

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