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Anger at school for not spotting my sons dyslexia

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I suppose my question is as follows..
Do I have a right to be angry that the private school my son attends did not spot my son's dyslexia and it was his mother who sent him to see an Educational Psychologist to have her belief confirmed.
WE are meeting with the Head in September and we are not really sure how to tackle the issue without upsetting the applecart so to speak.
My son will be going in to Yr 5, the most precious year approaching his 11+ exam. Why was he not diagnosed earlier and why was it up to us to get help? WE have been paying all this money for his education and feel that his learning loss my never be overcome??

Anger at school for not spotting my sons dyslexia

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Technically private schools do not have to have your child assessed and it is down to the parents, but out of courtesy I would have expected them to raise your child's difficulties to you.

There is no cure for dyslexia, it is just a case of your child developing their own coping strategies.

Try looking for a group called "Being Dyslexic" (via google) - it's support given by dyslexics, parents of dyslexics and professionals.

Anger at school for not spotting my sons dyslexia

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Dyslexia is not a condition it is only a symptpom of an underlying, sensory or motor information processing disorders, a conflicting laerning style, or some cultural or social issues.

Dyslexia is a man made problem, man created speech and then it visual notation text. So dyslexia is about having problems with a man made communication system.

Unforturnately there is no agreed working modeld for Uk educationalists to work from, and therefore no set definitions of the skills required to carry out the task of reading. And it you can not define the task it is difficult to identify the nature of problems that some may experiance, and how to help devise a set of coping strategies.

So If you have a diagnosis of dydlexia the next step is to indentify the underlying cause, which will have many more symptoms than just dyslexia, that is problems with reading writing and spelling. Becase that is all dyslexia is or ever can be.

best wishes


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Anger at school for not spotting my sons dyslexia

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