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The BDA has lost touch with real dyslexics and what dyslexia is

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The British Dyslexia Association(BDA) has lost touch with real dyslexics, and has lost the plost as to the underlying causes of dyslexia.
The problems centre on the group of professionals who now run the BDA who have little or no idea about what it is like to be dyslexic, and have prefered to maintian the status quo regarding their mythicla condition of dyslexia rather than move with recent scientific adavances in related areas of research. This group prefer not to have any communication with other support organisation who are specialist in realted coinditions and have many areas of over lap.

so the statement that you only need to view the BDA web site is a nonsense. The organisation does not represent the majority of the 10 million UK dyslexics (the BDA figure) but only the small minority that are BDA members. And there is much more scientific research avaialble that they prefer to ignore as it disproves their mythical Condition, the subject of the recent Channel 4 Despatches Program "The myth of dyslexia"

dyslexia is only about reading, writing, and spelling, that is the dyslexic symptom, which has many underlying causes. Some medical, some conclicting Learning Styles, and some social or cultural.

so put dyslexia into your prefered search engine and fins out as much as you can. The BDA only provide limited, and sometimes incorrect information regarding dyslexia. Hopefully they will eventually catch up with the real world.

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The BDA has lost touch with real dyslexics and what dyslexia is

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