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This defintion of dyslexia evolved from a discussion on an Adult dyslexia forum. Many respected researcherfs in the areas of literacy and dyslexia now include it in their lists of defintions of dydlexia. And the concept is gain more support as it is becoming seen and understood.

I would say that the human brain is an extremely complex thing, that has a wide range of different ways of processing information.

The problem arises, when Cultures define a particular model for defining and recording language visually.
Where any particular model that is developed; will be biased towards those same particular ways of processing information.
So that to be born within a culture that uses a model that is not compatible with ones model of processing, inevitably creates difficulties.
Yet the same person born within a culture with a compatible model, the person would have no difficulties.
The Chinese script which doesn't use phonemes for example.

So that what Dyslexia really defines, is that a persons style of processing information, is not fully compatible with the style adopted by their culture?
So that essentially Dyslexia highlights the fact that different ways of processing information is not recognised by that culture.

Would curing Dyslexia, really mean eliminating different ways of thinking and processing information?
The disability is with the cultural models of language, not with the people who are forced to use them.
It is the Cultures that fail to recognise differences.

adult dyslexic do not have to read books to understand what dyslexia is, but many other so called experts do.

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Adults dyslexicsdefintion of Dyslexia

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