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Problems with dyslexia

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Researcher 194303

The general perception of dyslexia, is that it generally effects reading, writing, spelling and mathermatics. When asked about dyslexia most members of the public will say something along the lines of 'dosn't it mean that you see words around the wrong way or some thing like that'. This idea of dyslexia is extremely simplistic and unhelpful to many dyslexics who problems are far more complicated.

One of the biggest problems defining dyslexia is that the term is just to loose. Saying 'I am dyslexic' is like saying 'I see transport', it means very little. It is said, that 10% of people are dyslexic and that 4% are seriously dyslexic. But again, this has very little meaning. If you were diagnosed dyslexic, what is the difference between you and every other dyslexic. Only a few people could even guess. I can only use myself as an example, but my personal dyslexia means that I have problems with, reading, writing, spelling, mathamatics, speech & memory. This is slightly more discriptive but again says very little. To define what my personal dyslexia is, I would have to then go into each aspect of dyslexia in detail explaining what the problem was and how badly it effects me.

Another unrealised problem with dyslexia is it has other effects on the dyslexic. These can include, feelings of ineptitude, a loss of confidence, feelings of rejections, an inability to deal with others, problems finding suitable area for finding or sustaining work. All of which can eventually can lead to serious problems, such as depression.

Problems with dyslexia

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Eccentrica Gallumbits (I'm out of my mind right now, but feel free to leave a message.)

Many dyslexics find themselves marginalised or in trouble with the law.
If only the system was a little more flexible. smiley - sadface

Dyslexics have a lot to offer - not least a great deal of creativity and a different way of looking at things that can sometimes come up with answers where straight line thinking fails.

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Problems with dyslexia

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Knifee, Thingite in charge of stuff you shouldn´t run with. Back from being away

hello all....

when i was writing this article i spent quite a lot of time trying to work out how to explain what it is like to be dyslexic, the problem being of course that I can only really write from my own experience, and having talked to friends who are also dyslexic I know that my experience is unique to me....... in the end I think I avoided it in order to try and explain more about what it was (asuming somebody knows) and just used the quotes that I had, to try and give some idea of what it means to be dyslexic.

Having said that if someone wants to try and write a new article on the the experience of being dyslexic, then I think I would be happy to work on that if I was asked.

and welcome to Researcher 194303 hope you find a name soon smiley - tongueout

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