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Like Potato Peelers! Anyone who says you can run with a potato peeler in your hand in lieing!!

In case you wanted to know Knifee -aka me- is 21, male, and a student. Curently I´m a student of geology and rocks and stuff at the University of Iceland -on an exchange program- but when i´m not here i´m a student of Geography in Coventry (UK).

I like to go to the pub with my friends, play computer games -mostly online with my friends- and read books by myself. I also like to listen to lots of music and see lots of films....

You can find my web pages here. I have put some pictures of my home in the UK, as well as some pictures of the places i have visited in Iceland (new pictures of Reykjavik to come in the next few weeks) as well as some other web sites i have made.

Via La revolution!!!

The 110 proud Members of Clan Thingite-----------------Clive the flying ostrich - Warlordacidbath - Grand VisierParrferris - Minister of Defence ( Occasional Offence)Amy - High Priestess of ThingShea the Sarcastic - Captain of the Thingite GuardThe Gook - Sir Loin, Master at ArmsBob - (Temporary) Commander Thingite Suicide SquadLady Elly - Assistant GV/Commander Amazon DivisionHappyDude - Camp FollowerInkwash - Speaker of the UnderpassSt. Redfish - Director: Thingite Intelligence Agency (TIS)Average Joe - Thingite Tactical Advisoring - Guardian of the Sacred ThornM'Alice - Keeper of the Sacred AleEkki Ekki Ekki - Chieftain of Clan McThingUncle Heavy - Sergeant majorJon Quixote - Official Suggestor of Good Ideas Acolyte Hezher - High Chocolater PixieMinister of Occasional TablesHiram Abif - Imperial Architect of all Things ThingySir TJ - Royal Protector of the Thingite Wit Kight Errant of the Thingite CauseEris - Resident DeityKatie of the Redheads - Donna and MotherSt Trin - Official operator (Thingite Legionaire)Mr.Mike - Thingite Sandwich MakerSir EvilRoy - Maestro of the Thingite Orchestra Knight Errant of the Thingite CauseE G Mel - The maker of small electric gadgetsQueen Alamsy - Thingite Guard of SmiliesIce - Thingite Neuro-SurgeonYeliab - Thingite EngineerABI (!!!) - Captain of ReconnaissanceFrankie Roberto - Thingite Propoganda ChiefJoe AKA Arnia - Head of R + D for the Thingite War MachineDastardly - Principle Dragoon of the Thingite LegionsBusterbone - Warden of the pound; Lobber of dogs. Cheesestraws: Official Thingite mascot (Artichoke)aka - Head Eater of cheesecake andD. Pres. for flicking rubber bands.Dien - Lord-Seneschal and-Master-of-Werewolves) for the Court of ThingAnnette - Official Chinchilla TrainerPu Dendal-Shrubbery - Head Researcher on Thingite Calendar(A horse called) Bazooka Joe and His Amazing Travelling Side Show aka Dave - Magnificent Steed, Bearer of Thingites and Devourer of CarrotsCyberspook - Grand Inquisitor of Disgruntled Cat Toys and Lover of Small, Vicious, Feline AcupuncturistsJoanna, Princess of Darkness - Thingite Star GazerPeregrin - Official Falconer of the Thingite LegionsTwinkle - Official Thingite TeleportationistGiga Strike - Lord of Rhyme and Reason, Master of Thingite InfantryShorty - Tamer/Trainer of KremlinPhreako - Official Pigeon TrainerTuarinn Chaplin - Minister for General Sillynessw85 - Thingite Master of Ceremoniesfred_smith - Professor of Surreal WeaponryephirielX - Resident Thingite Psychologist for all Things ThingyRootitoot - Thingite Trumpet HeraldOttox - Official Thingite NemesisDemon Drawer - Adjutant of the Genuine Irish Thingite CouncilGranny Weatherwax - Matriarch of the Thingites and Mother in Law from HellEx-Rambling - Trainer of the Thingite Monster Moths (Parrot trooper)Ford Focus - Thingite Wizard (and diviner of dark magics!)Thing - Thingite GatEngländer - Thingite of no thingsBluecat7 - Thingite Handler of Condimentsfords_prefect - drinker of teaJoe- Priest of Bovine-related ritualsBina-baby - wearer of all things purpleDr E Vibenstein - Doctor of ThingismMr Plato (and cat:Cyril) - First Lieutenant of un-opened cans of WhuppassSulk - faithful hound of Mr Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson, Grand Visier of ThingDreamchild Warspasam - minister for unnecessary macho posturinglemodog - captain of every wibble of the yearI'm still thinking - Peerless Master of the GunbladeSam Wolf, and ob the smiley face - Thingite Alterer of CalendarsInfinity - Thingite Grand High WitchPablo ferral - Thingite Distributor of bar-snacksPlastic Squirrel - Worrier of pigeonsTabitca - Official Thingite CatFred the Badger - Official Thingite BartenderCroz T Scout - ThingNet System AdministratorThe Doctor - Head of ConfusionSt Niwt - Amphibious Warden for the Thingite Asylum (Karnt Spel.)kirikugi - Thingite Tea and Chocolate Digestive ServerMarch Hare Commander of the Thingite LemmingsVidmaster - Warrior Prime of the Thingite CauseCasey - Bomber Squadron LeaderLuvndaisies - Thingite Sergeant of Meaningless NumbersSnowGoddess169 - Thingite Philosopher and SorceressBubbles - Wandering Theoretical MindBatty - Thingite Adawehi of NuyagiEx Libris Draconium - Official Thingite Librarian and Scaled BeastieMaW - Thingite Dance Troupe ChoreographerIron Griffin - Soul Forger and Thingite Weapon Smithsome bloke who tried to think of a short, catchy, pithy name and spent five sleepless nights trying but couldn't think of one - Thingite Poet of Doom!!! and fluffy bunniesFABT - Commander in Chief of Twiglets and Special OperationsMookie - Thingite Arbiter of Infinite Wisdom and JusticeIncrease Mathers - Cause of Awkward Silences in the Court of ThingCaptain Zog - Thingite Ambassador to the little peopleAvenging Washcloth - Thingite Athletics SupporterEngels42 - Thingite Minister of Leaky Ethics and SpiffynessJiffajoffa - Thingite Minister of Bizzare and Confusing ConversationsLifson - Thingite WebmasterCabman Green - Official Thingite Inhaler of Nasty Exhaust Fumes and Other Noxious SubstancesStrider - High Chair of the Peoples Front of ThingiesRat - Official Thingite BlokeKnifee - Thingite in charge of stuff you shouldn't run withDragonfly - Official Unofficial ThingiteErnie (formerly Brian) - the Happy Little Elf who was born on a ThingEggy - The Thingite purple monkey dishwasher fanaticMrs Slartibartfast - Lower-Upper-Middle Management Manager of Stray Brain Cells and All Things Spazzydoreiwolf - Thingite Patron, Defender of Wibble, Pagan Younger and Official Pooper ScooperSmilodon Prefect - Brillo Pad Superintendant of the Thingite ArmyIago - Thingite Odd Beast (Of Monty Python fame)


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