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R. Zubrin bugs

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I think Robert Zubrin has a good heart and all, but he really needs to calm down a little. Being the peripatetic spokes-nerd for Martian exploration only makes you famous for one thing ... being a well-publicized nerd.

It doesn't help that he seems to be personally trying to bring corduroy jackets and big men's berets back into style. Bob, the Planet of the Apes costumes worked for Sagan in "Cosmos" because they actually WERE stylish then!

Whenever I see a story on Discovery or TLC about Mars, I keep waiting to hear that "I haven't taken a deep breath in five years" jabbering voice start up. Either him or that big, soporific guy with the beard you always see in the same programs (oh, sorry Mr. Addams ... "programmes").

Len Arends
San Bruno, Calif.

R. Zubrin bugs

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Spaceechik, Typomancer

Actually, it's been more like 10 or 11 years... smiley - biggrin

I first heard Zubrin speak on Mars at the International Space Development Conference, in Anaheim CA in 1990. He had us up on our feet applauding (at the time it was energizing to hear that enthusiasm) but I have to say his message and his detailed roadmap of how to do the human-Mars thing have not changed significantly. I am more inspired by the kids at the CalTech/Mars Society chapter -- they have taken the original roadmap and added to it, over the past several years, with gusto! All this while studying well enough to graduate from a VERY tough school! smiley - winkeye

My personal philosphy is: Return to the Moon to Stay! (But be sure to pack plenty of Mars bars smiley - choc )

R. Zubrin bugs

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There is a simple reason that the plans of zubrin have not changed significantly, and that is for the same reason that the moon launch parameters did not change in the 150+ years between jules verne's book "from the earth to the moon" and the americans actually going there. the basic physics does not significantly change. the things that can change is if you suddenly find a new way of doing things, like the relatively new russian rocket motors that give you about 30% more speed for the same fuel. this sort of thing makes the whole job easier, and increases the size of the launch window, or decreases the cost.

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