A Conversation for The Exploration of Mars

“Look, mummy. there's an airplane up in the sky.”

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Just a little over 24 hours ago, NASA’s Phoenix Lander touched down on the northern polar plains and a few short hours after that, the first of what is likely a whole new series of proclamations that Mars has an O2 atmosphere and blue skies, appeared on the web.

According to this army of space-based consiracy theorists, NASA and the ESA (and probably the Russians and Chinese too) are covering up the greatest lie in history... that we are already no longer alone.

So, are there little Martian microbes that watched as the Earth machine rocketed down and landed on the town commons? Probably not but... because there is such a healthy fascination with that small red planet, the angry blue one is likely to continue to send probes and satellites for years to come.

After living in fear for so many years, we have finally ourselves now become the invaders.


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“Look, mummy. there's an airplane up in the sky.”

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