A Conversation for The Exploration of Mars

Mars and Man

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What is the fuss all about. Take a look at Earth (planet Earth)
Now take look at Mars. Mars is how the Earth shall be.
So why not forget the multi billions £/$ research and spend the cash on having a good time while you can.
The Human species is like a parasite, its genes and atoms seem programmed to devour every planet it settles upon.

It kills the fauna. (a fundamental gell layer protection.) it destroys the oceans. a fundamental purifier. it harms other species so destroys the whole balnce of a planetary orb.

For WHAT? so some old ignorant fart can die wealthy. Thinking he/she has achieved greatly, whilst all they have managed to do is mis~manage the chances born to change, and in that selfish trait kill of their own kind flesh and blood, and every other living organism.

Mars and Man

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Ignorant fart yourself

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