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Mars is radiated dead, Venus is not

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Even if the Mars environment was 21 deg.C and offered a life supporting atmosphere, due to the solar flare and cosmic radiation issues alone, everything would likely be thoroughly dead.

The ASSOCIATED PRESS supports warlord Bush but apparently not GUTH Venus / other life (ET) NOT as we know it is apparently not sufficiently worthy of squat. At least ESA is off to visit Venus (not Mars) and, for all the right reasons.

This ongoing Venus research effort is no longer upon such a recent discovery, as being officially bashed by all that it influences and as such systematically being thoroughly ignored for the past two years. The orchestrated bashings are those being perpetrated by those which this discovery may eventually destroy.

In spite of NASA and, even in spite of the ASSOCIATED PRESS, there's life NOT as you or I know it, existing on Venus:
Please check out my h2g2 page (Researcher 206251) and go from there.

We have had the science and of the physics as to support all of this and, I have delivered or uncovered the planetary imaging evidence that absolutely confirms the existence of a sufficient number of artificially constructed attributes (perhaps via lizard folk) of which Club NASA (obviously our government's NSA/DoD's replacement for the KKK) refuses to support. In fact, for the last two years, Venus has been off the official charts (off limits) and NASA has been betting the farm once again on their teams of moles and otherwise "spin" and "damage control" info-commercials to successfully continue their delivering whatever disinformation it takes. Obviously I alone can not complete with all that.

Rather then merely posting another comment at this time, please take whatever continuance to email your comments and feedback that will help push this "truth" into whatever mainstream you can think of. I also need further expertise and, once again unlike Club NASA, I'll share in whatever compensation becomes available. I do check my alternate email and again, unlike so many of my opponents, I answer my phone calls and return messages.

Regards, Brad Guth / IEIS

Mars is radiated dead, Venus is not

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I replied, so sue me.
For one you are right Venu could contain life that is highly resistant to harsh enviroments. However, Mars was not irradiated dead at all.
A long time ago on a planet not so far away, there was life. This planet was Mars. Life existed and thrived for millions of years. After this time however the life-giving atmosphere became too large for Mars's gravity pull. Ah, but eve now life may still exist in subsurface caverns and water. Yes, liquid water under the surface of Mars. I'm not too sure about intelligent life but there is life.

Mars is radiated dead, Venus is not

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Correct, how true, there's most likely something quite frozen in dry-ice that's radiation proof and, could still survive if thawed out. I never stipulated that Mars offered no remains, just implied that of what's shown as existing on Venus is way more interesting and, there's loads of free energy to boot, as well as a pretty darn good solar radiation shield in affect.

As far as an open water, there but a limited sort of Mars "death valley" near the tropical equator where there's but a few hours per day of being unfrozen. Not all that much worth in geothermals to contemplate unless there's something nuclear going on.


Regards, Brad Guth / IEIS 1-253-8576061 http://guthvenus.tripod.com
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Mars is radiated dead, Venus is not

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