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Robotussin Wheat

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Richard Cranium {with nothing witty in brackets}

My brother, a psycologist and homebrewer, once made a wheat beer from a kit and added two of the biggest bottles of Robotussin he could find. He wanted a beer he could drink when he was sick plus he actually likes the taste of wheat beer and he likes the taste of Robotussin. He ended up with 40 bottles of the worst tasting stuff in the world. No one has been able to swallow more than a sip or two. He still has four bottles left and is probably a threat to national security. By the way, his "Breakfast Stout", made with oatmeal, glazed doughnuts and coffee is excellent! What is the worst homebrew you've had?

Robotussin Wheat

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My first attempt at beer. Rather than listen to everyones advice and start simple, I went straight in with fresh hops, without adjusting the recipe smiley - sadface Awful stuff. It was so hoppy that it was like drinking perfume.
Another year I made a ported stout, but used a cheap port. Urgh.
Mind you, I bought myself a decent book on the topic when I reached 17 and at least brew drinkable stuff now smiley - smiley

smiley - rose

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Robotussin Wheat

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