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A timing question

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I recieved some advice from an inibreated muscian-brewer about a year ago. Unfortunalty I was also inibreated and didn't quite follow. He told me that he could get a good quality-mess-you-up-drunk beer in about 4 hours. Now I wonder to this day, is that even possible. I have yet to brew anything, I remain a spectator. But hope too soon.
Thanks in advance. Cheers.

A timing question

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god that would be good any ideas send to farmas yard any homegrown?

A timing question

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Doesn't seem possible to me...yeast just doesn't work that fast. Perhaps your friend was talking days, not hours.

A timing question

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Any beer you "rush" may mess you up but will almost definitely not be good quality. Most of the techniques used to make fermentation go faster rely on increased temperature, which in turn increases the fusel alchohol production of the yeast (Fusels are what gives cheap vodka that oily texture and causes HANGOVERS)

My advice: If you want to get plastered either take your time and brew a barleywine or heavy ale (That can get up to around 6-10% but take TIME to condition properly) or head to the package store and get some liquor.

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A timing question

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