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Who dares to sleep in a coffin - casket?

Who has an obsession and love for coffins?

Have you ever slept in a cemetery and why?


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I used to sleep in the cemetary years ago when I was homeless.Its one of the safest places for a female to sleep when they are on the streets.Never did find any vampires thosmiley - sigh


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I love coffins. They are made to be very elegant, usually with decorations and carvings on them, and some of the woods and finishes are stunning, such as the redwood ones. Some get very pricey and nowdays they airbrush alot of them. If a person isn't into the stupid "morbid, fascination with death" crap and canrealize that these things were boxes made to honor people who have passed, they are more interesting.

I have two, one is an old one from the sixties and I refurbed it into a couch with tons of padding and redecorated the inside. It's a cool piece of furniture in one room.

To those who say it's sick and disgusting, keep that in mind when you are looking at someone you care about someday or visiting a grave, you're being evil and disgusting, morbid and sinister.

Death is just a part of the cycle of life, a process, nothing more, and you can hate it, or you can accept it and move on.

I've had people come up and look at my caskets and get all worked up about jynxes and bad luck. Over a simple steel box that is rediculous. Besides, the term casket refers to jewelry boxes among other things.


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I like the idea of your couch hun, very unusual. Don't think I will be able to find one of those though and I'm not very good at DIY refurbishing.

smiley - devil

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