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Researcher 233488

Life seems so difficult when you can only be born by those who will not embrace humanistic feelings. I get annoyed by people who absolutely have no empathy at all. I feel so killed by these people. Even worse are the people that could have empathy and then choose not to. These people are terrible, in their ignorance, the arrogance to accept these real humanistic emotions. To ask a person is far easier than to assume. To be a person is far better than to perceive yourself as one. Both are just, they are the simple formula. They are the single element, not the constructed material. It is avoiding the sometimes scary world of social lies. The social constructed order or socially constructed way of thinking. To map the way of one’s execution is disturbing. I hate it.

I have self actualised now (Maslow Theory of Self-Actualisation). I am in my world above mundane. I am able to empathise and love. To care and have something else than just an easy answer. But I cry sometimes in my mind when I know that I am alone in this state, it makes me want to retreat kill my mind and be able to live arrogant myself, all to just not feel alone. I feel so alone, scarred by the near omnipresent feeling of social mundane. But this would be to really loose myself, loose faith in myself as a person, then my fears would be true, that all humans are going to fail and fall short of what we can truly achieve, as people, as humans, as individuals.

It was not long ago that found something that felt comfortable to me. I must embrace myself as a “Goth”. These people who have created an atheistic resistant to the mundane. I read that I have followed the same liberating path that puts people into this sub-culture. It is amazing, I feel so at home, so safe in this state.

Then I realised that I did have to kill my own mind to find the feeling of freedom. I was already there. There were people who were not afraid. Some vain in their self actualising but all themselves. Never have these people felt so alive until they were able to embrace all feelings, and be able to call it their own. To give ourselves this name is not just a statement, or title, it is not a stereotype or protest, this is not political this not social. This is humanistic.

I cant feel alone in this perfect embrace of life. I have found something truly I can call home. Nothing will scare me when I can feel this comforting embrace. My love holds this ability as well. She is ‘deeper’ than me. She has the same power, the same intelligence and the same feelings that I carry. When we are together I feel so happy, so in love, so perfect. We are truly beautiful together. I love her so much.

But I still know that our minority voice is quiet and the sadness that is felt by many of the voice is enough to silence them. The social pressure against this minority maybe to blame. I blame this for the vanity felt by many of the people in this minority to feel so secure over people outside it, also the hostility to us. As a voice who is silenced and unemotional on the surface we are the most vivid and alive, so full of colour. We are the most emotional and powerful. We are most humanistic of all people, we are able to feel the true and real, actual and achievable feelings and emotions of the human race.

Much love is wasted by those who do not actualise. Much pain is caused by people who do not empathise. Much fear is caused by those who refuse to embrace human nature. This fear causes disgust and fear, aggression to minorities who are penalised for their own humanistic characteristics.

“Mainstream Life Mundane
Goths have given up on mainstream society as a failed experiment in cultural evolution. They frequently sound discouraged about things when talking to people who they judge to be mundane. Goths have been said to 'suffer the world'. Meaning, in short, to suffer the pain, stupidity, and mindlessness of the world which the mundane don't seem to notice. Some Goths have aspirations to undermine the mainstream somehow - perhaps by recruiting from its ranks, or perhaps by campaigning to render fringe ideas acceptable. Others simply don't care, and figure that when present-day society collapses under its own weight, they'll be waiting in the wings.”

“Black Aesthetic
A major uniting factor among the wide variety of Goths is the anti-mainstream Black Aesthetic. Goths take things that society claims are evil, sinful, painful, or wrong, and make them beautiful.3 There's a sense that anything, no matter how gruesome or horrible, can be artistic when viewed from the right perspective. Many Goths would argue that the things which frighten or disturb people are precisely those things that are most beautiful. As the whole rebellion is aesthetic, this uniting factor should come as no great surprise.”
“Pain And Death
It's not just that pain and death are accepted as a legitimate part of life; pain and death are revelled in, and revered as some of the most exciting and interesting parts of life. Death is being undemonised and seen as a legitimate part and consequence of life. This does not lead to a desire to die but rather to an acceptance of death. Goths are people who revel in their inner darkness, rather than suppressing it. They frequently think of themselves as far better adjusted than the typical mundane, who goes around hiding a lot of emotions because many sections of western society deem showing certain emotions, especially by males, unacceptable.”

‘Tube’ 19th December 2000

Embracing death is not a rejoice for the feeling of death but the acceptance of something terminally terrifying. If anything it allows you to enjoy life much better when you know more about yourself. To expose the most terrifying part of life and then be able to accept it, it allows you to live everyday as something new.

The Goth Black Aesthetic is something that units us. To be able to find peace, art, calmness in something that society says does is evidence. We are finding the real things in these parts of nature that expose societies lies. This is probably why these things are socially undesirable. But anyway this exposes the person who wishes or is forced to remain ignorant to life. It is sad but true. The mundane wants to live mundane because it is appears easy.

This is something scary, what I am about to say should be enough for you all to start embracing the human side of life. The real parts that make you up as an individual…

If you do not embrace yourself as a person, or if you dare not embrace feelings you have, you will never actually find the person you are. You will never know what you truly love because you will never be able to actually find it.

I shed a tear to the thought of never being able to find your real love. A real love allows you to be the best you could ever possibly be. They allows you to be the person you are, they make you feel loved just for the parts of you that make you human. This type of love far exceeds any social lie that is ever experienced by mundane.

I hope this is enough to make you think, because that is the first step to anything human. A thought, a dream that we can all make true.

Thanks for reading and much love to those who will find it.


‘Tube’ Please reply to my Hotmail account, [email protected]

A new Life

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Mort - a middle aged Girl Interrupted

Pete, Welcome to h2g2,

I need to post this here cos i cant reply to you in any other way!

firstly what you need to do is activate your personal space (that’s your ‘homepage’) and you can do this by using the 'edit page' button on the rhs of the page or by clicking on this shortcut >> <./>UserEdit?masthead=1</.>. Just type anything – even just hello to start off will do, and click update. Once that is done a friendly ACE, like myself will drop by your page and leave a welcome message with some tips and hints to get you started!

smiley - cheers

Mort - an ageing goth!

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Tube - the being being back for the time being

mail sent. smiley - smiley

A new Life

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While I applaud your ferver and emotional outporing, I cannot help but be repulsed by your arrogence, yes, your's. There are many paths to self-enlightment, not just the 'goth' way of life you so emphatically espouse. Have you read any into the ways of the qabala? How about taoism? Do you reject the legitimacy of modern revivals of ancient mysticisms? Reclaiming tradition wicca is one of the nicer, though I personally follow none, or all as you might wish to interperit. Some of these traditions have roots far deeper than any immitation of Visigoth or Daltigoth culture. From what I remember of Maslow's theorys, your blatant statement of self-actualization following so closely on the heels of so much anger and hatred would be an automatic negation of the same self-actualization. Also, the way you seem to promote the 'goth' way of life, which is more of a mindset, over any other means of realizing a positive self image would also seem to place you outside of the realms of 'goth'. 'Goth' is more of an individuality statement, and by being so would have to make room for the idea that different individuals would necessarily have different approaches to the same end. I don't mean to come down on you so hard. What you say you obviously believe, and this way of life has (at least by your words) benefited you to no end. I just wish to point out the fact that there are other, equally valid, viewpoints and paths to enlightenment.

I think I'll have another beer.smiley - cheers


A new Life

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though i dont agree with all your views on gothic life i found your writing very interesting and, to an exstent, moving

A new Life

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With regard to religious issues, which I found mentioned here, the only true path to "light" is to use your brain and learn. Every religion in this world originated at some outside source bigger than man, be it a got or a magic, and every religion including atheism has devotees who would be tortured to death for the sake of remaining loyal, yet there are religions that are laughable in their falseness.

I was once a member of a church which told us that come what may we must remain loyel, OMG how loyal we had to be. Guess what, more than half the people ended up leaving when the minstry, as so many others, turned out to be corrupt and dishonest, and they formed other churches, which guess, what, turned out to have similar problems.

Religion is more often than not embraced because people are born into it or scared into it for fear of the consequences, such as hell fire. Very often, devotees select their own path and even their own god because it is what makes them feel comfortable whether or not it is real or true.

I found religion to be filled with lies, corruption and false people to a large extent. I left it all behind. It's another machine ruined by humans.

As for researcher's post, I aggree with much of it. Dark things, including death related stuff actually do have a beauty to them, such as the monuments in old graveyards and it takes a certaim mind to appreciate it. Many people turn in disgust. I actually have an angel that was in a cemetery till a storm knocked it down and they disposed of it. I rescued it from destruction. It is a perfect little specimin and I have it on a slab of black marble from an old victorian theatre that was torn down. To me it is beautiful even though others would throw it out because it stood honoring someone's grave.

As for religion, who wrote these inspired books? Men,usually who read what other men wrote. Ah but they had guidance from some spirit, right? Yet many of them contradict each other. How can that be?? I feel very strongly about being goth. Yet many Christians among others tell me I'm mentally ill. How do they know? What spirit leads them? What spirit led me?

Religion is a confusing mix of unprovable concepts, at least that is how I came to see it.

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