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Space Lioness

About two years ago, I was everything a Goth is supposed to be: depressed, apathic, with a strong hatred towards everything happy and/or pink, and the only music I listened to was Beethoven and techno. I didn't like Goths, though, I though they were a scary bunch of satanists, and avoided them as much as I could.

Then I met some friendly people who showed me that being Goth is actually pretty cool. Still, I never realized that deep down, I was being Goth myself-- I just didn't dress like one. Black never was my color anyway.

Now, two years later, I'm no longer depressed, and I'm just your average teenager. Still a bit confused, alone, apathic, and rather purple-haired, but that's quite normal for a teenager ne? I really like the goth scene now, and I think vampires and blood-red wine and the like are terribly alluring and sexy. Still, I refuse to wear black dresses and silver crosses. Just not my thing.

But this Friday, I'm gonna go see Rocky Horror for the very first time. Since the dress gode seems to be Goth, I decided to join in the fun-- and lo, for the first time in my life, I'm looking like a true Goth. And Goddesses, I love it.

So I guess you're right, Goth IS a state of mind. And for some people, it can be a real discovery. I don't think could ever be a real Goth, but... I'm definitely gonna wear black more often!

Just for fun?

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Impossible Flower

Its always nice to meet like minded people,
I agree Goth is a state of mind, it doesnt mean
you have to wear black and pierce your body or listen to
certain artists. You can make your own culture inside your head.
I felt sometimes rejected from alternative people because
I didnt look like them, and ended up feeling the same way when
I got ridiculed at school! Catch 22.
I felt really down and didnt no which way to turn or who to confide to.
Then I met some of my closest friends and ultimatley
didnt feel alone in the world anymore.
Started screaming down microphones and felt much better smiley - winkeye
I didnt have a reason to feel depressed. Although some people need one. Purple hair is cool smiley - zen

Just for fun?

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a fallen star

I've been part of the so called 'alternative scene' since i was aound 11, i always used to see goths and admire the way they seemed so calm and everything, it reminded me of the way that i felt most of the time, but my friends always ridiculed them and being the impressionable 11 year old that i was i didn't want to alienate myself from my friends by saying that i actually liked the way they were dressing.
Just last year when i started going to a local club, i saw alot of goth people and the whole admiration thing rose up again, and i started to dress more like that, at least when i went out i did.
i just think that even though when i was younger i didnt dress like a goth, i still was kind of one, i mean, i felt that they were what i was, even though i didnt dress anything like them.
now happily, i dont really give a f**k about what my friends opinions of my dress are, and i dress goth occasionally, when i feel like it and always when i go out. it just feels more natural than wearing bright clothes and stuff all the time.

Just for fun?

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Mark the Strange

you'll have to trust me with this, I saw Rocky Horror oh a long time ago ( I'm 40 now ) and yes we did all the clothes and everything.
Doesnt seem to have effected me or my outlook to much.
Well a bit, but then I'd have probably been weird any way.
So you just enjoy.
The goth thing was only really getting going when I was 20 and was fun then so still will be.
At least you've got an angle on life and not just on of the herd.
Bet I sound like your dad!!!!

Just for fun?

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Where do you people all live ( I don't need exact locations I'm no stalker or anything general locations will do) because I live in a small city in New England and there are very few Goths here, not to be stereotypical, but everyone is very ignorant.. Not everyone here is from the U.K. are they?

i can't truely call myself a Goth because I am still fairly, or perhaps compared to most here very young (though quite maturesmiley - winkeye if I may say so myself lol) and it could be a stage I guess but I do have a darker outlook on things,interest in Goth things, etc, and its not just about the look, although I think it is beautiful. A few years back I started dressing more original and people would mimmick me (i can't spell today sorry) and stuff and it evolved into how I dress now. But I think I've always, maybe only realizing it now, had the interest, feelings, etc. I do not consider myself a poser because I have no one to pose and I wouldn't anyways. I am like this because I like it and it is me. Anyways..I think I've strayed a little.

Doesn't it bug you when people call you Goth and have no idea what it means besides "derrr...you people wear all black!" ugh. it bugs me at least.

Anyone who likes Tim Burton's and Poe's stuff? I also like a few of Clive Barker's stuff, but I have yet to read more of some author's I have heard are very good.

Also, I love Invader Zim. You may not be able to relate with me because I am a younger generation for most of you...but who knows?! its worth a shot smiley - biggrin

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Does anyone bother with trying to stay pale? I have naturally pale skin (not extremly pale though) but I get burnt easily but this summer I've stayed away from the sun enough so I haven't, but I did get the tiniest "jsut being outside a few times" tan and though I am a hermit most the times so its not too bad I HATE IT but all the sites i go to you have to buy all this strange stuff and IDK if I like the idea of bleaching my skin and I don't want to use white/pale foundation because it "clogs the pores" right? anyways..I love pale skin but its alot of work.smiley - sadface

Just for fun?

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Two of the things I did that really put me "out there" in the goth scene was first being at an event and working to fix something while listening to a piece of goth music by Midnight Syndicate. They had a mix of sound affects and classical, which is mostly all they do. It was an album called Born Of The Night and as I listened to it I really got into it. I listened toall of the insturments and enjoyed the heck out of it.

Later I discovered a victorian full length jacket at shrine of Hollywood, a limited edition with 17th century buttons and cuffs. I spent quite a bit but once I put that on I never wore anything else at that time. I found the victorian and goth fashions blew me away. I got some ridicule and some complements, but I stuck with the fashion. The next time I saw an ordinary man's business suti I started laughing at how plain it was.

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