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Santragenius V


I just found out about this very thorough (errr - is that a common German trait smiley - winkeye) explanation of German bread. Thanks for throwing in the link to my Danish Rye Bread page (and thanks to Ottox who claims a certain responsibility for the link being there smiley - smiley).

I have at once initiated action to link back to your stuff from mine -- so that we can keep people in a healthy bread circuit...! smiley - laugh

Guten Appetit (as they say, I reckon),


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You can call me TC

If you go to Holle Polle (via GerManiaConnection or directly) you will find she has started a discussion on which kind of bread is best.

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There you are, TC, on the front page!
I will update my entry with a link to this edited entry right now!

And here is the direct link to the "best-of":

I'd be glad to put all of you in the list! smiley - smiley

And, TC, what makes you think, I am female?
Have I given any clue?

HP ยป--.

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You can call me TC

whoops ! no! Sorry HP if I jumped to conclusions.

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Edited version! Congratulations! :-D (Og SG V - for god ordens skyld ;-): http://www.h2g2.com/F51797?thread=71473&skip=12&show=2)

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