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Alternative definition of sex

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How come sex in this case is assumed to be penetrative intravaginal sex to orgasm?

How about:

* Oral sex to orgasm
* Masturbation (mutual or otherwise) to orgasm
* Anal sex to orgasm
* Any combination of any of the above

With the proper precautions (lube, gloves, dental dams, condoms!), they're pretty darn safe in the not-getting-pregnant stakes.

Just a thought.

Alternative definition of sex

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I agree on your opinion. Sex as such can only be cuddling up with someone and giving each other a message. You don't even have to pull your pants down and still can enjoy it. I mean, even just hanging around with a good looking and nice person can be as good as that what is commonly described as sex. One other point is to make. Sex, in my opinion, should not be defined as the hydraulic process of pushing something hard and (relatively) long into something soft and (relatively) wet.

Alternative definition of sex

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Cruentos Solum

Hydraulic process? lol
Oh well, nature is naturesmiley - smiley You can't beat it.
Humans are the only species concerned about their 'survival' :p
Ironic isn't it? That we try NOT to reproduce and yet dominate the planet?:p


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