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Getting Pregnant

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Researcher Ramos

As a husband and father of four, I have a piece of advise for those having difficulty in getting pregnant. This advise we have passed to couples who were having difficulty conceiving for several months, and were talking about seeing a Doctor. We advised that before they do that they should follow this simple advise:

Stop Trying! Relax, have fun with it, and enjoy each others
company. Just simply stop trying.

We have four children in eight years, and we're just entering our thirties. Our friends and theirs that this advise was passed onto, conceived within weeks of receiving this simplistic advise.

Getting Pregnant

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how long does it takes for a woman to get pregnant if she is always on top during sex.

Getting Pregnant

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Hiya I just read what youve said and im 20years old and am married. Now me and my husband have been trying for a baby for nearly 2years and im still not pregnant which is really frustrating for me and my husband. Last october we lost our lil girls amelia to meningitis she was 7months and we just now would love to start up our family again. I mean loosing amelia have just devestaed both our lives, we were trying for a baby when she was about 4months old.

Weve tried everything but still havent got any where. Could it be stress? our lifestyle? I dont no!!! I mean where not really drinkers or go out clubbing much we both occasionally smoke. Weve cut down alot....What would you advise we do????!!!!

Look forward to hearing for you


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