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I've only had my dog for three weeks so far, but I already see the need to start training as soon as possible, although many people will tell you to wait till the dog is 6 months old.

The idea is to get the dog used to the idea of being trained, and if they pick up some tricks in the process, so much the better. My ten-week old puppy is getting the idea about sitting, he's got fetch down extremely well, and walking on a leash is coming along nicely.

But since he's only 10 weeks old, we are having trouble with staying, letting go of the items he fetches, and not chewing on the leash. At this age you can't train them too much.

Make it a game. Don't yell, don't expect perfect behavior (that will come with the serious training at 6-months old). Just have fun, and give lots of rewards.

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I have had the best success with puppies that were allowed to stay with their mom and siblings an extra week or two. Many are adopted at six to eight weeks, and most have trouble grasping the basics at first.

When I have waited until ten or twelve weeks, they are almost instantly house-trained, and seem to have a more well-developed attention span. I have even paid owners boarding fees so that the pup can spend a little more time with mom, especially if she is well-trained herself.

This has been particularly effective with larger sporting dogs, like dobermans. It's like the difference between elementary and high school education when you take them to a new environment.

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Older puppies do seem to learn better. I had a 12-week old Lab who's mother pretty much house trained him for me. Apparently she didn't want uncivilized puppies hanging around.
By the time he came to me, had the "outside' signal learned and a few other nicities.
Much happier puppyhood for everybody.

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