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So far, I have found it nearly impossible to train my cat into not doing something he is doing. However, he did stop clawing the furniture. After recommendations of squirting him with water, which doesn't work for long, along with a quick light swat with a newspaper, I got him a scratching post, the kind with a seat on top and a little compartment for him to hide, covered in rug, and he has left my furniture alone ever since.
As for getting a little kitty not to pee all over the house, my sister passed along a quite useful tip, although it sounds cruel. She had locked her cat in the storage room for a week with just a liter box, food, and water. He never wizzed around the house again.


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Silly Willy

The question is how do you train them to go outside and stop using a litter?


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Merdo the Grey, Patron Saint of fuzzy thinking

Notes from Villig (http://www.h2g2.com/A463556)

Give me the name of your cat-training advisor and I'll have him/her banned from our list of approved hosts. And his or her eyes scratched out!

Squirting water!

Solitary confinement!

Cruel, brutal, primitive antifelinic terror is what i'd call it.



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How to train cats not to scratch the furniture, etc.:

1) Have some cat-happy scratching posts (or whatnot) in *every* room of the house. Cats have the urge to scratch whenever they wake up from a nap or from lounging -- it helps them stretch. Most cats prefer scratching posts with looser material, as opposed to the tight carpet on most store-bought posts. You can build your own very cheaply with lumber, nails/hammer or screws/driver, and assorted carpet and upholstery fabric remnants.

2) Spray all scratching posts with catnip (catnip aerosol sprays are available at many petstores, plus some of the online ones) once a week until the cats have gotten the hang of the deal. Then monthly thereafter.

3) Spray the places your cat isn't supposed to be scratching (but is!) with some anti-cat scratch spray -- these are scented with things that us people can't smell, but greatly offend the average cat.

4) When you catch your cat scratching one of the no-no spots, quickly grab them, lightly rub their nose in the spot (to further offend them with the smell) while saying "No!" Then quickly place them on the place where they are supposed to scratch and encourage them to scratch (place their claws up there, start scratching yourself, etc.).

5) Praise the cats (nicely, but don't go overboard) when they scratch the appropriate places. Cat treats are also greatly appreciated.

Note -- if it seems like your cat stops to scratch the furniture whenever you come in the room, don't be offended. Your cat is getting up from a nap/lounge to see you, but needs to scratch first. There just needs to be a cat-happy scratching post closer by.

good luck!



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Merdo the Grey, Patron Saint of fuzzy thinking

Notes from Villig von't he? (http://www.h2g2.com/A463556)

That's a little better ... I especially approve of the extensive use of catnip and other positive reinforcment treats ... after all that's what we cats have been training you humans for since the days of incipient agriculture. It's about time sombody gets the hang of it.

~Villig Von't he~

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Well, I have had several cats in my day and the suggestion of having a scratching post readily available is a very good one. I have found that a kitchen spray bottle (which is also used for misting the french bread while it is cooking) readily available at hand will help enforce the no-scratching rule . I believe that this is because cats have developed the attitude "What nonsense is it that I hear? I know I can be in the other room/alternate universe before you get to where you can touch me" if you just say "NO", but that word accompanied by a stream of water (which does minimal harm to your room if you miss the cat, unlike hurled objects) instills the belief in the cat that you can do something to enforce the word. Not only do my cats love their scratching post but they also stay off counters and tables too.

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