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House training puppies.

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We got a dog not to long ago. (He is nine monts old now). We never had any trouble house training him at all. I think a lot of people look at the task as a bit "daunting". In reality it is quite easy if you take a few precausions:

1. Always take the puppy outside as soon as he has eaten, slept or played (or been in activity for a while). Just take outside in the yard or whatever. Wait until he does his duties and praise him lots when he's done.

2. Look out for the tell tell signs. If the pup looks uneasy or sniffs around a lot, take him outside at once. It won't be long before he does his business.

3. When the pup is very young he doesn't need long walks. But you should take him out four or five times a day. Just remember to prais him when he "goes" as you go along.

4. Give him his food at sett times and take him outside when he is done eating. Always leave the pup fresh water though.

5. Do NOT punish the dog if he has an accident. Don't stuff his face in it or hit him. If you catch him in the act, tell him firmly no and pick him up. He should stop and you can carry him outside and praise him. Another tip: Fill a sodacan with coins and use this as a rattle. This will make the dog stop what he is doing. Rattle the can and say NO.

6. DON'T leave newspapers on the floors. This will only confuse the dog and he will think it's ok to go indoors.

The main thing is to use lots of praise and affection when the dog does what you want it to. Take him out and praise him when he gets it right and he will catch on quickly. You will have accidents. It just happends. Just clean it up and forget about it. Our dog got it in less than a week. Remember! Puppies can't hold it in for to long at a time. It get's better as they get older smiley - smiley

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House training puppies.

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