A Conversation for 'Father Ted' - the TV Series

Best Episode?

Post 21


The one where he has to kick Bishop Brennan up the 4rse!

Got to be the best.


Best Episode?

Post 22

Oops the Destroyer - not actually evil just very clumsy

They are all brilliant but for me it has to be The Mainland; there is just so much going on in that one. All the regulars have their own little story: Mrs Doyle and Mrs Dineen fighting over who pays the resturant bill, Father Jack at the AA meeting, Dougal missing breakfast and spending all day trying to get something to eat. Add to that Richard Wilson's guest appearance and another brilliant Graham Norton cameo as Father Noel Furlong (he was SO funny in those days, what happened?)and I think it's the best individual episode of any TV comedy show not ust Father Ted.

It's hard to beleive this is just a regular half hour episode, to me it's more like the Christmas special as there are so many memorable moments in it. It's almost as if they knew there wouldn't be a fourth series and were putting all the ideas they had into that one show.

Best Episode?

Post 23


That is a great episode.

I bet he'd really love it if someone went up to him and said, "I don't believe it".

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