A Conversation for Asthma

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Wand'rin star

Before this excellent, long article is archived please eliminate the following proofreading errors:
Introduction: "having to breath in and out" should be breathe
Paragraph under step 5: "Long acting bronchodilator are" should be bronchodilators
"Research has suggested that adding a long-acting bronchodilator treatment to low dose inhaled steroids actually may result in improved asthma symptoms and improved peak flow readings than just increasing the dose of inhaled steroid." Something missing before "than"
Immunotherapy: "use of reliever inhalers, however a study..." The comma should be a full-stop: "However, a study..."
Likewise "treatment,however" and 'this is however fortunately rare" should be "This is, however, fortunately rare." Thanks. My guruship is in advanced pedantry.smiley - smiley

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Notes to the editor(s)

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