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I have fairly bad asthma and have done for a long time I now have to take three differnt inhalers. The best time in my life was when I was off my inhalers and I was seeing a lady that practiced chinese herbal medicine along with acupuncture. While I was seeing this lady I got better and I stopped taking my drugs and I had no problems for 2 years. Unfortunately the lady died of cancer and I now am worse than I have ever been and this means that I am back on the three inhalers that I now rely on to be able to breathe. I only wish that I could afford to see someone that practices acupuncture...instead i have to rely on drugs which I am sure are making me worse the longerv that I take them and this bothers me as I don't have many choices being a student. Acupuncture worked for me....I wish that this was available to me instead of having to take steroid inhalers!


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I don't know if you're still on h2g2, but I just found this conversation and thought I'd put my 2 penneth worth in.

In some places it's possible to receive acupuncture on the NHS, so maybe it would be worth you asking your GP about it? Acupuncture and Chinese herbs *are* expensive, true, but some acupuncture schools offer reduced rates for their final year students to gain clinical experience on the general public (superivised by their teachers) - again, maybe something worth looking into?

These might be worth investigating:


Hope this helps
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