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New Forest Ponies

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I remember once, about 13 or 14 years ago, my parents, sister and I all went for a holiday in the New Forest. One day we went for a picnic, and the ponies came to try and eat it for us. We retreated into the car, whereupon they tried to eat _that_ as well.
Do they still have such voracious, indiscriminate appetites?

New Forest Ponies

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lol! Yes, well, they're always like that. It's probably not as bad as it used to be, because feeding the ponies is actively discouraged, to avoid exactly that happening. They're still very tame, though, they're only termed as 'wild ponies' in the loosest possible sense! smiley - bigeyes

New Forest Ponies

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The really irritating thing was that we didn't feed them. They just came and tried to eat! And we were hungry!
Dad wasn't happy about the slobber on 'his' car... we still laugh about it, thankfully. And we've changed the car a few times as well, so the slobber's long gone.

New Forest Ponies

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yes ! i lived in the new forest last year, whilst working at a golfing hotel in brook. a local pony named fringy used to stand outside the local post office. the only reason being to scrounge some food. i frequently fed the ponies with apples etc and they are really domesticated. smiley - chocsmiley - cakesmiley - chocsmiley - cake and they eat anything !!!!!!!

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