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Cycling in the forest

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Marvin, the Paranoid Andriod!

An accurate report on the state of tracks, it would be worth mentioning that there are set paths that you can ride on, you can get details from the forrestry commission, or at the forrest museum. some cycle shops also stock them. the wardens do get a bit shirty with you if your found off these trails so watch out. trouble is the routes are shrinking!!! I've a copy thats three years old, it's now out of date! the warden gave me an updated copy, a third of the routes(including the one I was on then I met the warden!!!) have been deleted.

Cycling in the forest

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The only set tracks I could find were ones following tracks like I mentioned - and these were nearly impossible to cycle on because they were thickly covered with gravel.
I'm afraid I went widely off course every day - and cycled some absolutely fantastic routes, I must say. I realise that they don't want a plague of cyclists doing this, but I (as an avid mountain biker) find it a bit unfair that horse riders are allowed everywhere while cyclists can hardly go anywhere - horses cause much more damage than bikes, and everywhere else in the country 'bridle ways' are there for both cyclists and riders.

Sorry, had to get it off my chest smiley - winkeye

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