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Gladiator and History

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Fruitbat (Eric the)

I've read your review; my writer's mind filled in the rest of the gaps. I like to introduce visual or contextural cues for audiences to get as they go along....make them wonder a bit about what they're seeing and why, then let the narrative fill in the blanks. Of course, for anyone steeped in television, this makes everything confusing because there's nobody to tell that person what they're seeing.....

I've forgotten who said this and still find it's true: The Americans never let the facts get in the way of a good story; Canadians never let a good story get in the way of the facts.

Who's going to make the facts into a good story?


Gladiator and History: thumbs up?

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there has been a lot fo talk about the 'thumbs up' - i think if you go and do some research you will find that none, in fact, is really sure what was used for what. Nobody is really sure if the thumbs up indicate mercy or death, so on this at least the film is fine.

I had to laugh tho when he managed to ride his horse in one day from Germania back to Spain ...

Gladiator and History: thumbs up?

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Almost the same as Luke rushing back home to the Skywalker homestead in his landspeeder.

Almost the same (and not just in this respect) to The Patriot. Gladiator and Patriot have an near-identical sequence of events, motivations and reckoning. Anyone agree?

Gladiator and History: thumbs up?

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Have you read the earlier comments on Gladiator and its frankly shaky grasp of geography? Click on the earliest postings button on this conversation and enjoy...

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