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Daylight Savings

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dElaphant (and Zeppo his dog (and Gummo, Zeppos dog)) - Left my apostrophes at the BBC

In Indiana, where they are also opposed to Daylight Savings Time, they have developed an ingenious counter-argument. If you don't change the time, then you've got to change the time *zone*. In the winter months, they are in the same time zone as Chicago, and in the summer it is the same zone as New York.

So the cows know when to be milked, but they don't know where.
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Daylight Savings

Post 22

Gavin Orr

Nice article, and it gives me a reasonable excuse to plug an entry wot I wrote

on the leap second http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/brunel/A18563376

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