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Aldi and Australia

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Aldi are soon to open many stores in Australia. Not only do Aldi not allow scanners and barcodes, they make all of their checkout staff memorise the prices of the entire product line instore! In addition, they are notorious for individual contracts, and do not believe in mnimum rates of pay.

Whilst consumers may get cheaper white bread, their staff (and the precedence this sets) are undervalued, underpaid and exploited.

Aldi and Australia

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In fairness Aldi do pay over the odds for the type of work (twice as much as other stores in Ireland) but their record on employee-relations is terrible.

Aldi and Australia

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Well, don't know about there, but here in the UK they have scanners and barcodes!

Aldi and Australia

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Indeed. In the UK, we do have scanners and barcodes in Aldi, and the only codes cashiers need to remember are those of fruit and vegetables, and this is because availability of these products varies from day-to-day.

Underpaid? £7.20 an hour sounds quite good to me.

- Ralph Allison
Aldi Appreciation UK

Aldi and Australia

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I recently found an interesting site for Aldi fans. Some people seem to keep all the folders from Aldi.
See: http://www.aldiarchives.info

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