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Danish Aldi

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There are ALDI-shops in Denmark as well, and the principle is used in NETTO and FAKTA, two other cheap chains of shops.
It is true that the items are no-name products mostly, but I personally find many good quality vegetables, dairy-products and various special offers on the shelves - or in deed in the boxes.
I like the concept somewhat, but I have to admit that you get what you pay for. If in need of lasting items, say kitchen utensils, I would never buy them at ALDI or anywhere like that, just as I would not buy clothes there. But for daily shopping, a trip to ALDI is good for the wallet, as long as you don't go shopping to get good service from the underpaid worksers or nice wrappings or bags.

BTW - The concept is the occasional issue of debate in Denmark. Some are pro, others against.

KimotoCat aus Danemark

Danish Aldi

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Sho - employed again!

we were just talking about Aldi products on the "90 degree wash" thread on Ask and I wandered in here...
typical that a lot of the messages on the other threads are from me, I'm a big Aldi fan

And now my Gruesomes are getting bigger (and more expensive to clothe) I have to say that for children's clothes, as long as you get there early enough to find them) they are very good value.

And their electrical items are great (my band-saw and Dremmel-like-tool are fantastic, and going strong after 2 years of average use)

Special mention for their washing liquid though. Great stuff. (the stuff for machines, not hands)

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