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Fascinating piece on a strangely compelling subject. It reminded me of when I first encountered ghosts on moving to a house in Hampstead. There were three of them - a bedridden man and man and woman who came to nurse him. There was a distinct chill in the air when they were present but there was no atmosphere of malevolence or eerieness. On the contrary it was beautifully relaxing place to live. With one exception, none of my friends saw these ghosts, although they all felt the chill in the air whenever they appeared. And, for obviouc reasons, I never told any of my friends about them.
The exception was an American psychotherapist. He was astonished and bewildered by it when they appeared while he was talking. He asked me if I had seen 'apparitions'. I told him I'd seen them ever since I'd lived there and I just sort of accepted them. But he couldn't accept them. A few months later he'd convinced himself he was hallucinating momentarily as a result of jet lag.
What is strange to me, is not that I saw ghosts, but that in the 35 years that have elapsed since, I haven't seen any at all.


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Reefgirl (Brunel Baby)

I've never 'seen' any of ours, I've thought I've seen something out of the corner of my eye several times, but most of ours is polterguist(sp) activity (Not in the Hollywood sense of the term) bangs, things moving etc. they've been quiet for a while, but, apart from the one in the corridor by the operating theatres, I've never 'felt' malevolence. Thanks for reading it

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