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The Ghost of Hamlet's Father

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Steve K.

On a (possibly) related note ...

I recently saw a production of "Hamlet", fairly traditional although some of the dialogue was slightly updated to allow better understanding by a contemporary audience. Having seen many previous productions, I found myself thinking more about what was "really" going on. I decided that Hamlet really is part way around the bend from the very beginning of the play, due to his father's death and his mother's quick remarriage. Further, Hamlet was the only one who ever "sees" the ghost. The others who see the ghost are actually only figments in Hamlet's "bad dreams", which he admits to Horation that he has had. All the multiple swearing demanded by Hamlet of the ghost viewers to never mention the visions allows Hamlet's mind to understand why in real life they never bring it up. Also, in a later scene where the ghost arrives while Hamlet is talking to Gertrude, she looks directly at the ghost and says she sees nothing.

I haven't re-read the text carefully to see if my theory holds up, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I only bring it up here to suggest that something similar may explain why some fervently believe in ghosts, while others (myself included) are so skeptical. The mind, especially the non-conscious part that I think generates dreams, can be pretty creative and convincing, especially under stress from the "real world". And Shakespeare was a pretty sharp guy who would have noticed this. IMHO. smiley - cdouble

The Ghost of Hamlet's Father

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Reefgirl (Brunel Baby)

Thanks Steve but Hamlet's never been my favourite play, thanks for reading the entry tho

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