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Oh please make the tie go away. I am making a passionate plea to all sensible people in the world. The tie is useless, uncomfortable, gaudy and ridiculous. It is the worlds most inessential item of clothing - rivalling the corsage and the garter. It makes breathing difficult for no greater reason than show - and the people who think a nice shirt and tie looks professional are either fervent Maggie Thatcher supporters or raving mad Royalists who love the Queen Mother - or frequently both. The tie must go - and death due to stress and heart failure will be significantly reduced. I beg of you, world!!!!!!


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Researcher 190210

i think you'll find that a tie only cuts of the circulation of someone who is wearing a shirt that is too small for them. buy a shirt that fits you and the tie cannot strangle you.

ties definately have no real use, but providing you follow the advice above, they can be perfectly comfortable, and a welcome burst of (tasteful) colour to an otherwise drab suit and shirt.


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Thank you for kindly giving me this information.

The reason I'm a bit p****d off is that I am now working in an office where a tie is required and I wasn't before. Consequently I have a wardrobe full of shirts that are just that little bit too small around the neck to be worn with the top button tied.

So I've had to go out and buy 5 new shirts - all because of stupid TIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Silk Neckless

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I've recently put on a bit of weight and found a similar problem...I can't do up most of my shirts to wear a tie properly.

Here's a point of interest...I've recently come across a rather clever knot that rests quite nicely, flat at the neck, and isn't too constrictive to wear. Problem is...some traditionalists are disdainful of aforementioned knot because it starts with the backside of the tie facing out.

Has anyone else heard of this "tradition", and are there any others I should be aware of to avoid offending high society?

Silk Neckless

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Sea Change

I tie my ties that way (when forced to wear a real tie vs a clip-on). If I am in snooty company, I hide that portion of the tie by using a tie-tack. If anyone is in a position to see that portion of my tie, then other items of clothing are also being shed and nicety is out the window.

If anyone asks exactly how my tie is tied, I look at them with benign and baffled puzzlement, until they give up.


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Rissa of the ShoeShine, Protector of Boots Everywhere - Thingite, Zaphodista, NH Player, Geek

Please oh PLEASE let the tie die! Hee hee, tie-dye. Wouldn't it be cool if we all had tie-dye neckties?

Anyway. The point is, it's poets today and I shouldn't have to wear a manky grey tie with purple stripes. Purple! I ask you!


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if you need to wear a tie to bring colour to a shirt you need more colorfull shirts,

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