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A new view into time (eager your opinion)

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Long long ago,the ancestors of human being observe that the stars and the Constellation in the sky is changing their location constantly,the landform is Ever-changing also. Everything including ourselves in the universe is moving and changing constantly.so they created a noun "time "to describe it. suppose time stops,we mean that everything stop moving and changing
Perhaps,for the sake of our brain's encoding of time,time in our impressions seems like a river,flowing constantly at a steady speed,it can be illustrated with clocks.In America,patients,who have been dying terminally,are eager to live in the future.after paying some bills,their body will be frozen,so metabolism comes to the end,they hoped that they will be well cured in sevral hundred years later and lead a more-developed life in a whole new civilization.Can we draw a conclusion that they have a life-span of sevral hundred years?no!why not say that their lives have stopped when their bodies are frozen.
"time"when means movements and changes.if movements and changes die out,"time"stops.every object in the vaccum has its own independent movements,which means they have their own independent time.The existence of the universe never reunification of the time, the whole Earth never have a unified time.As a matter of fact,every object has its own independent "time"

My point is time and space do not exist objectively, but the concept of human creation.smiley - biggrin

A new view into time (eager your opinion)

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I think,you have heared these news.
In paris suburbs£¬a quarry,quarrying workers split the hard limestone block and found four living toads.According to studies,the limestone block was formed 100 million years ago.
About in the 1940s, people in the Siberian permafrost dug out a lizard which was frozen as a stone.All of them thought that it had been dead,however,warm sunshine had made this life slowly regained consciousness.People supported it two days later, it was really dead.The lizard was sent to animal research institutions, research showed that it is an extinct species 5000 years ago.
Why? because of the time stopped to them.smiley - smiley

A new view into time (eager your opinion)

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I agree with your view of time. In fact I was thinking on those lines to explain how the physical realities will change if we adopt this view.

A new view into time (eager your opinion)

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I agree with the view of time as a mental construct.

According to Dr. Callomans interpretation of the Mayan calendar,
it reaches a singularity point on Friday October 28th 2011.

'Time is just one damn thing after another'.

A new view into time (eager your opinion)

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If you're interested in my thoughts, please see my h2g2 entry titled "Toward a Helpful Paradigm for the Nature of Time." You can find it by searching on "nature of time" in the search h2g2 box after un-clicking the "Edited Entries only" box.

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