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A question on Evolution

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Hi there. What an awsome entry smiley - ok its soo good i have to ask some questions specifically about this ....

"It is a competitive advantage to us as a species to process information bits at a time. It wouldn't make sense for us to have evolved with the capability to see all time simultaneously."

My question is...
By what criteria is it an advantage for us to perceive only the first 4 dimensions and to perceive them in this way?
and by what logic does it "not make sense for us to perceive time all at once or any other way?"

What evolutionary forces led us only to be able to perceive the first 4 dimensions and to perceive them in this way....

The only answer to these questions i can think of is....

Given the multiple world theory it is sheer random coincidence that we perceive these dimensions in this manor? as apposed to any other manor?

What do you think??

Thanks for the good word

Pac smiley - coolsmiley - cake

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A question on Evolution

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