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Optimum Tine Count

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I'm terribly sorry, but three tines are better than four. The reasons are too numerous to mention in their entirety, but for one, they look better. People who want four tines are wanting only more shoveling capability. Hey, use a spoon. Plus they are balanced. There's a tine right in the center for peas. Moreover, you can't hurt yourself with a three tined fork unless you are clumsy or you are deliberately trying to make some point about four tined forks being better. Look, I've eaten with three tined forks for years now and I'm just fine. Anyway, leave it alone. I like three tined forks.

Optimum Tine Count

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Mmmm... sorry but I feel I ought to mention that the three tines make an evil devilish trident. Sorry, four is much better.

Optimum Tine Count

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Kano Eran

No three is the way to go. That 'trident' excuse is an obvious copout. Besides, three just plain looks better.

Optimum Tine Count

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Wouldn't like to sit down to lunch opposite someone eating with a minature trident... evil spikey thing. Also three is too narrow, looking from the scooping-up-peas side of dining... very tricky.

Optimum Tine Count

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Fadookie the Froody- Veggie [email protected]

Has anyone conducted any actual _research_ on the optimum tine count? As in, what count of tine makes for better salad cinsumption, steak consumption, etc. I would be very interested if anyone has.


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Fadookie the Froody- Veggie [email protected]

And what's wrong with devlish tridents?
smiley - devil

Optimum Tine Count

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NAITA (Join ViTAL - A1014625)

Speaking from my own experience I would have to say that four tines are best for almost all purposes involving moving food to the mouth.
Shoveling capacity is indeed one prime reason, but as described in the article, a four tined fork does have more friction. As for the esthetic differences I find the three tined forks I have experience with to be overly graceful and not utilitarian enough in an object that is essentially a tool.

What this entry lacks however is a mention of the importance of the size. It does have a short mention of the restriction in width the human mouth sets, but fails to describe how diminutive forks, as used for serving purposes with foodstufs like olives, baby onions, pickled herring etc, are better off with two or maximum three tines.
A tiny fork with four tines become the cutting implement described in the mention of the 5+ tined fork in the entry.

A miniature pitch fork is not a convenient tool for eating. It might work for foods that offer plenty of friction, but fails spectacularly when eating eg potatoes.

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