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The Brian

I have noticed a very interesting hybrid of the spoon, it is knwn as the Spork. It has the handle of a spoon with a bowl as is normal on a spoon. The difference is that forklike tines or spikes were cut into the bowl of the spoon. This allows for it to be used like any other spoon, albeit with a bowl of slightly lesser capacity, this is balanced out by the new ability to stab objects like you would with a fork. I would like to see this wonderful piece of cutlerly to become a common sight on both dinnertables in homes as well as in dining facilities other than Taco Bell.

The Spork

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Here in the depths of the UK we use a very similar implement the difference being that the tines make up the "food gathering" bowl shaped implement which incorporates a groove which runs from the tines up the handle to the user's mouth. This enables the juices from the food to be ingested prior to the solid food itself. This is a very economical implement as, if the taste of the juices is not to the liking of the imbiber they may be spat out and the the solid food to be returned, untouched to the dish from whence it came to be ingested later by someone who is enamoured of the taste of the juices.

This implement is known by the name "tine-to" as in "tine to go home Robert - you are showing me up again.

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