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Dogs without stimuli

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Interesting note...

Researchers have discovered that dogs which are isolated from other dogs and humans do not wag their tails.

Tail wagging is an action thought to be triggered by social/pack interaction, and not something that occurs because the dogs "feels" anything in particular.

Dogs without stimuli

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It's interesting how we interpret dogs actions as characteristics. I'm as guilty as the next person. When I look at certain dogs it really appears that they may be smiling, and not just smiling, but smiling at me. When they wag their tail you believe that it's because they want to go for a walk or that they're just very exited to see you. Some dogs can look at you when you're feeling down and give you the belief that for one moment they truly looked into your soul and shared your grief. I love dogs for all these characteristics and call me a sentimentalist if you like, but I like to believe these things. Surely if dogs were found not to wag their tails if they were kept away from other dogs and humans, then doesn't that go to show there's a special bond between dogs and their own kind and dogs and human kind and because of this absence they may become depressed thus dulling the desire to wag their tails. Maybe this is more proof than we could possibly imagine. Isn't pack and social activity an expression of emotion in a way. Like family instincts; My instinct as a female would be to protect my young - that's the basic biological instinct. Also I know that I could love that child as well - the emotional reaction. So here we have a biological and an emotional response going on at the same time. If it happens with humans, why shouldn't it happen amongst other groups of animals.

Dogs without stimuli

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On a similar note.

I've noticed that when owners pick thier dogs up it increases the interest from my 2. Making them jump up, to see why.

As long as they've been socialised with other dogs (training classes are a good, controlled starting point) they understand dog language. Dogs have a similar fight or flight response as humans, but also have the additinal option of saying "OK, you can be alpha".

Isollating pets does them no favours.

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