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Dogs in pubs

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It would be interesting to find out how many pubs across the UK still allow dogs in. Since the advent of pub chains more interested in pretending to be restaurants, and who serve beer almost incidentally, it seems to me that dogs have become more unwelcome.

Can we see a list of pubs that still welcome dogs (and their owners)and a name and shame section of those allegedly welcoming places that won't allow one of the most loved and loving members of the family on their premises. If reasons are given by the landlord (or more likely the manager) it would be entertaining to hear them.

To start the ball rolling:

The Stafford Arms, Stafford.

The landlord of this pubs kept excellent beer and a friendly welcome for dog owners. Indeed, his own chocolate labrador 'Bear' was a permanent fixture near the bar, and the Titanic Brewery even named a beer after him! When a new owner arrived, dogs were banned overnight. The reason cited was that the pub was going to start serving food and that dogs were not allowed where food was being served. I checked with Pete, the landlord of The Spittal Brook (see below) who tells me that the legislation states that dog are not alowed near food preparation areas, and does not mention serving areas. I'm sorry to say I've not been back since - pity it served great beer.

The Spittal Brook, Stafford

Great pub, regularly changing menu of real ales, real fire in the winter, and Pete keeps a selection of dog biscuits and chews behind the bar. Can't fault it.

Dogs in pubs

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As I'm single and won't go anywhere without my dog, I've had a few experiences with this. There's a database of venues that are happy to accept dogs, at the Dog's Trust website, but the results aren't very well organised.


But I have to say I've always been ok if I've sat in pub gardens and been nice to the barmaids. It helps that I have a big cute dog too.

Hope this helps,


(Incidentally, this is my first post - apologies if I'm not allowed to post links like this)

Dogs in pubs

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Don't worry Chris, you are allowed to post links so long as they aren't to downright commercial things or obviously anything that breaks House Rules.

This looks like a good guide to smiley - dog &smiley - ale places:



Dogs in pubs

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I also am single and don't go anywhere without my dog, which severely limits the number of restaurants I can go to to those that have outdoor patios. But U.S. culture has always been far more hostile to dogs in public than British culture (how I'd love to emigrate!!), and only today, after having walked all over the city I live in with Major off leash day in and day out for three and a half years, I was suddenly informed by the dog Nazis that this would no longer be allowed and he would have to be on a leash at all times or I would "be dealt with." This has soured me against the entire city. It doesn't help that I'm an anarchist who is inclined to disregard what I consider stupid laws, and this is certainly one of the stupidest.

Dogs in pubs

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Move to France! Here, it's totally unthinkable not to bring your doggie friend out with you, even in the most "bourgeoise" restaurants, you will see the little dinky types sitting on the seat next to their owner & eating off their own plate, big ones lie down under the table or roam around getting fuss from everyone else. They've recently introduced "muzzle & leash" laws for certain types (Rottweilers etc) on the streets, due to a spate of attacks on kiddies; but as we all know, that's the owners fault. Nobody in their right mind leaves a large dog alone with a small child, especially one the dog doesn't know.

There seems to be a fashionable vogue lately for pugs, especially amongst gay men; there is much competition & debate about the fanciest collars etc! Lots of Yorkies & Chihuahas tucked under big macho guys armpits in the Post office queues. The supermarkets won't let dogs in though, fair enough; nodody wants dog pee on their food! But they provide hooks for leaving them outside & the dogs are obedient & just wait patiently.


My local has a fox terrier "Prosper" who is docile as a lamb with people but would disembowel any dog who passes by! Anther local bar has a lovely yellow Lab,"Paco" who would have difficulty swatting a fly on his nose!

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