A Conversation for The World Trade Center Attack: A Chronicle of the Events of 11 September, 2001

Where I was when it happened...

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Michele - Doily Mogul: Don't leave me! If you go there'll be no braincells in the room at all!

I was on my way in to work in Kansas City when I heard the news over the radio that a plane had crashed into one of the buildings. Traffic on the highway was slow due to construction, so I was a little delayed getting into the office.

The office staff that was there had the large television in the conference room on, and we were all watching as the 2nd plane crashed into the other tower.

Then the phone calls started: "Have you heard?", "Did you see?", "Do you know?". We started checking with each other - do we know anyone that was travelling or visiting in New York? Where were are salesmen -any on the east coast that day? Didn't someone in the office have a child at college in New York City?

Then the buildings collapsed, and all the talking stopped...

Where I was when it happened...

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I remember it was extremely wet in the north of England near Manchester, where I lived at the time. I'd spent all day planning my girlfriend's birthday thing that evening, which was obviously changed completely when I got home. Couldn't quite get what had happened when my Mum told me, it was impossible at the time to comprehend the scale of the whole thing.

Where I was when it happened...

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SuperMoo: Now With Even More Online-ness

when I first heard of it it was at my locker (a bottom one by my choice...) at the end of this little secluded side hallway (not by my choice), which came off the main IB(international baccaloriate program) hallway, with lockers on both sides of the hallway (unlike the rest of the Ninth Grade Center which only had lockers on one side)...below me was a dent in the floor where EvilClaw and I had had our daily morning backpack throwing contests...the lockers were an ugly orange that reminded me of the color of the liquid full thing on the shuttle...it was right before third period I heard it from the guy who was two lockers down from me said something about a plan crashing into the twin towers...

Where I was when it happened...

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i was watching t.v when it started telecasting the first building collapsing and then the second plane hitting the second one

Where I was when it happened...

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Beer Elf

I was cleaning the house, on my day off..

The Junior Schoolkids from our street were just getting home, I had to go and stand out on my street, to look at normal life going on arround me, then I looked around, and all my neighbours had done the same, as an antidote to all the tragedy and death on the TV we just felt that we had to be outside together..

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