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The epitome of cool?

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Even in today's world of acting as posh Depp isn't renowned for serious acting. So that can't be cool.

He's not a De Niro and can't approach Brando and he si too much of a caricature actor when it comes down to the basics. It all seems to be a constant flow of irony from his choice of roles.

The Travis Bickle of Hollywood: he's a funny guy and looks aren't everything.

Don't get me wrong, I love his movies. He has frightened me and made me laugh but has never made me think critically about myself as deeply as the greats tend to do.

The epitome of cool?

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he's too much of a caricature actor

The epitome of cool?

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

You never got this while it was in PR (in fact you booed me) and you *still* don't get it now. The purpose of writing this was to *highlight* the culture of celebrity and the pointlessness of it all, while promoting what's important to *him* (Depp).


The epitome of cool?

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i'm writing about Johnny depp

this isn't a review of you're writing buddy

i just saw it on the fromt page nd had to say this

been reading a lot of brando tributes and doing acting classes, method reading and studio work

The epitome of cool?

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your writing

smiley - sorry

The epitome of cool?

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almaak - appalled by bad taste

I respectfully disagree. What's so great about De Niro, anyway! He looks the same most of the time. I see nothing special in him.

And Brando - let's just not forget that both played together in one of the most brilliant romantic films ever made.

And don't tell me Gilbert Grape didn't make you think critically about yourself, 'cause I don't believe you. smiley - tongueout

The epitome of cool?

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Or "Edward Scissorhands"!!!

Just the thought of this film still makes me shudder and Depp was brilliant in it!

smiley - run

The epitome of cool?

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okay i never saw gilbert grape...

it was years ago

edward scissorhands is a caricature i'm comparing him to realist roles

ed wood was the nearest he got to realism
cracking acting

then from hell and the kids films have been a cynical step into fantasy

another one who wants to be like Barry?

anyone know what Finding Neverland's like?

The epitome of cool?

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Neverland is wonderful! I actually cried at the end.

But reading your take on all Johny's movies you probably won't like it!
smiley - winkeye

The epitome of cool?

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Secretly Not Here Any More

Well what's 'cool'?

It seems to me, that today irony and being a slightly 'cult' figure are cool. Who's more ironic than Johnny Depp? Who's more of a cult hero than Johnny Depp? The man played slide guitar with Oasis - that's definitely cool!

No, he's not a cinematic great, but that doesn't stop him being cool.

The epitome of cool?

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almaak - appalled by bad taste

Plus, he always chooses his roles! smiley - wow

The epitome of cool?

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just like tom cruise

smiley - biggrin

i love tom cruise...he's stupid

The epitome of cool?

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Steve K.

I don't know about "cool", the hotel trashing does nothing for me, but I do like the movies. When an actor can take what should have been a fluff movie based on a ride at Disney World, and make it a blockbuster via sheer eccentric acting technique ... hat's off.

My favorite is a movie about a movie that was never finished, "Lost in La Mancha". A great documentary with just a little Depp, enough to make me wish they'd finished.

A little story: A friend of ours, a big Depp fan, was walking on the beach during a conference at Hilton Head, when a loose dog came running up with the owner in hot pursuit. Our friend held the dog and waited for the owner, who turned out to be Johnny Depp. He said, "Thank you", she said "You're welcome" and turned to walk away. Depp said, "Thank you again." I don't think he was talking about the dog the second time.

The epitome of cool?

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Ferrettbadger. The Renegade Master

Depp is awsome in Donnie Brasco....

I think he is a good actor and has done lots of different roles and done them well.

He is beleivable both as Captain Jack, and as J.M.Barrie in finding neverland.

Between those three roles he shows quite a lot of range...

And he was in "The Fast Show"....

The epitome of cool?

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almaak - appalled by bad taste

totally agree about the hat's off


smiley - wow about the story!

The epitome of cool?

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almaak - appalled by bad taste


The epitome of cool?

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Sho - unemployed layabout

I disagree that he's not a good actor: he can act the pants of most people he's in a film with. Except Brando. Don Juan was brilliant.

From Edward Scissorhands where he played the bewilderd outsider who just wanted to make friends, to the totally over-the-top Jack Sparrow, through Gilbert Grape who had too much responsibility and a yearning to be free, through JM Barrie he manages to convince me.

Things like the Secret Window took him away from the glam roles and showed his serious side, and Ed Wood... what can you say about that?

The hotel room trashing is back in the past - I'd guess that the new family-man in him is appalled by his behaviour. Given, though, how "stars" are handled it's not surprising that they fly off the handle, and it is a lesson that has still not been learned how many years later?

Plus, how cool is being in a Tom Petty video? smiley - brr that's how smiley - cool

The epitome of cool?

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Sho - unemployed layabout

Oh and now I'm warmed to my (favourite) theme: who would have guessed at the depths to be found in Willy Wonka?

The epitome of cool?

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Willy Wonka

fantastic but not that cool

Di Caprio has done better though

and he's done Shakespeare

like Brando

perhaps better than Brando did Shakespeare?

and the Departed?

and the Beach?

The epitome of cool?

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I have to say Donnie Brasco isn't that good compared to the Departed

Pacino is a better actor in that and they work well with each other

but Pacino's Lefty makes that movie

all those stupid glasses and everything, I'm sure a good bit of Hunter Thomson came from examining the way Pacino was becoming Lefty

Depp's not a method man and it shows, I don't like that. Some people like to see a sly wink behind a mask.

That made Thomson funny and camp for F&L in Vegas and made Willy Wonka and Pirates... funny but it spoils From Hell.

He's seen that and the roles are getting camper with Sweeney Todd.

So what does he do now stick to the funny man?

Donnie Brasco not as good as the Departed

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