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How cool!

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Wow... I wish we had something this nifty on my side of the Atlantic. The closest thing we have in the States is pro wrestling, which is just silly.

How cool!

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Robot wars started out in the US I guess it fizzled out

How cool!

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Zorpheus - I'm so hip I have difficulty seeing over my pelvis.

It is still playing in the Chicagoland area on WTTW chanel 11.

How cool!

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US robotwars is what started the whole thing. US robotwars is a live event though, held every year i believe. The American bots are a LOT tougher than most of the UK ones. However a few british bots have travelled over the the states for a fame and fortune (the american wars have cash prizes, to make the competition more fierce). Mortis, Killerhurtz and especially Razer have all made big impressions at the Robatwars US. I have heard rumours that they are going to start airing the US wars on TV, in the same sort of format as the UK series. I don't think this is a good idea though, as currently, the US bots are made for pure battle, whereas if it starts going on TV you'll get all the "novelty" bots coming into it, like they have over here in UK.

BTW, there are also other similar events in the USA (at least 2). The only one i can think of at the moment is BattleBots ( http://www.battlebots.com ). I think that some of the bots that take part in the Robotwars events also take part in the other events, but i'm not sure. For example, i'm sure a bot named Nightmare (seriously cool bot that can show hypnodisc how a circular blade should REALLY work) has taken part in both Robatwars US and BattleBots.
Wow, i said more than i was planning to there.

US vs UK?

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Researcher 96074

It is an interesting - not to say highly debatable point - as whose robots are strongest. As there seems not to have been a (recent) attempt to bring the best together in a neutral location.

But I guess the main problem is that thoughte series was bornin the USA, the UK arm has undergone a separate process of evolution to you can never really compare like with like. You might as well debate whether rugby players are "tougher" than American footballers...

However, one interesting question you raise is one of payment. One of the glories I feel of Robot Wars UK is the LACK of payment. It result is a broadly level playing field with everyone taking part for the glory, rather than anything else. This in turn seems to produce a remarkable level of sportsmanship and general good feeling between the teams. Start thowing money at this and one fears that this would rapidly be lost.

US vs UK?

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Kerr_Avon - hunting stray apostrophes and gutting poorly parsed sentences

US robots tougher than UK robots? Then how come we completely thrashed the US in the War of Independence tournament?

smiley - ale

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