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How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet

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The art of making wallets out of duct tape has recently been found to be quite widespread - and with good reason. It's cheap and sturdy enough to make it worthwhile and it's fun to show off your creative skills to your less resourceful friends. This entry provides instructions on how to make your basic billfold wallet.


  • One flat surface
  • One small exacto knife/Stanley knife, for making good cuts
  • One roll of grey duct tape1


  1. Cut a strip of duct tape about an inch longer than the length you want your wallet to be. Cut another strip of the same length. Lay them both parallel and sticky side up on the table. Then slide one over the other so there is a half centimetre band of overlap between the two. Attach. Then cut two strips of the same length, lay them sticky side down on top of the two other pieces. Smooth. You now have one side of your wallet, made of 'duct tape leather'.

    Repeat, for the other side of wallet.

  2. One of the cool things about duct tape is that it can be removed easily from most surfaces. But when two duct tape stick sides are attached, they will never be separated. So when you lay down your third and fourth pieces be careful, and try not to leave wrinkles.

  3. Now place the two pieces parallel about 3/4 inch away from each other.

    Cut another wallet-length piece and lay it evenly down between the two, attaching them. Quickly pick this up, and flip. Repeat.

    Your two wallet side are now connected and there should be five strips connected on each side. Fold this in half so the two sides are even2.

  4. Now cut two strips the height of a folded side. Put one at each end and fold over the side, completing the inner bill holding area.

  5. Pockets are simple. Cut two pieces the height the wallet. Lay them down parallel, next to the wallet to make sure they have the proper length. Flip one over and attach (lengthwise) but leave a band about of 1/3 inch running from the top to bottom on each of the two pieces. Use this area to attach to the wallet. Do this as much as you wish, remembering that while you can have pockets with large overlaps, you can't put pockets where you want a fold to be.

  6. When you've finished the last steps, cut a piece as long as the wallet and split it in half lengthways making two long thin strips. Use each on a side of the top of the wallet to attach the top of the pocket as well as covering any exposed edges. Cut your final piece wallet-length, and seam the bottom attaching the other side of the pockets.

Seems difficult? It isn't. Everyone screws up their first wallet horribly but after about three you will be a master of the craft.

1If you wish, you can seam the wallet in duct tape of other colours for a particularly stylish wallet.2This rarely works out perfectly.

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