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Other cleaning substances

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Cheerful Dragon

We used to have a problem with tea-stained teaspoons. Richard found (don't know how) that they could be cleaned by standing them in a cup containing mixture of hot water and soap powder. Yes, that's right, the stuff you wash your clothes with. You can get a lot of froth when the soap reacts with the tea on the spoons, so don't over-fill the cup.

Regarding bleach, sometimes you only need its colour-reducing properties. I used to use a white cup for various kinds of herbal and fruit teas. Although I washed the cup daily, after a period of months it developed a dark stain which I couldn't shift. I eventually got rid of the stain by pouring Milton solution into the cup and leaving it to stand overnight. The stain has gone.

Other cleaning substances

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A little more expensive than wishing soda is to use Sterident tablets smiley - erm !

Once you've seen how well they clean off the tea stain, you'll wonder what they do to your dentures !

Not that I have them... yet smiley - winkeye

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