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is rinsing necessary?

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Researcher 203973

The dishwashing page contains the following:
"Rinsing is important. As well as containing oestrogen-like molecules, washing-up liquids are poisonous. Drunk in relatively small quantities they will make you ill; large quantities will kill you outright. Very few people drink large quantities because it tastes disgusting (though you should protect children), but many people swallow minute quantities of dishwashing liquid with their food and drink because traces are left on glasses, china and cutlery after they've been washed."

Is this true?

For instance, a Dutch Personal hygiene web site, [Unsuitable link removed by Moderator], says the following: "Post-rinsing, for sanitary or safety reasons, is unnecessary, as possible washing-up liquid resudues are not harmful."

Is there any safety or cleaning benefit to rinsing?

is rinsing necessary?

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I find the benifits of a glass that doesn't taste like fairy liquid reason enough.

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is rinsing necessary?

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Cheerful Dragon

You shouldn't be using so much washing-up liquid that it leaves a taste! I washed-up at home for years and never rinsed. Our cups and glasses never tasted of anything. Then I met Richard, who insists on everything being rinsed, and noticed no difference at all.

It may be true that ingesting washing-up liquid can be harmful, but the trace amounts that get left on *most* people's dishes, etc., shouldn't do any real damage.

is rinsing necessary?

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"possible washing-up liquid resudues are not harmful"

You can't really say that residues are not harmful. They are known to be harmful in moderate quantities. So the question is how much is too much?

"shouldn't be using so much washing-up liquid that it leaves a taste"

True, but there are lot's of things that are harmful even when you can't taste them.

Even if most people only leave trace amounts, enough people DON'T leave trace amounts that the single best piece of advice you can give people is to simply rinse.

The other thing is that we really don't know if trace amounts are safe. Owing to society, I grew up not rinsing but then in later life I sat back and thought "how do we actually know it's safe?". Now I always rinse.

Another thing to bear in mind is that certain extremely concentrated dishwashing liquid products such as "Laura Lynn Ultra Concentrated Dishwashing Detergent" have in the past been recalled as they contain harsher chemicals which might be reasonably toxic even in smaller quantities.

is rinsing necessary?

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Malabarista - now with added pony

Yes, but if you're letting them air-dry, it's really not a problem. Remember the altered surface tension of the water? It just slips right off, taking the residue with it...

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