A Conversation for How to Do the Washing-up


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Underground Caroline

Why, oh, why do you always get an incredibly itchy nose half way through washing up? No scientific explanation for that little mystery, I fear. smiley - winkeye


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Cheerful Dragon

I've found that itches on any part of the body are most likely to occur at any time when it's impossible to have a good scratch. 'Impossible' may be because your hands are wet (as you described), or dirty, or because good manners forbid it!


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I 'Asked Jeeves' but he doesn't seem to know.



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This may be an irrelevent tangent, but I've found that 'Ask Jeeves' is the *worst* search engine. I think it's because Jeeves is the most human search engine.


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Cheerful Dragon

Depends on what you ask him, and which 'Jeeves' you ask. I once Asked Jeeves to search for information on someone called Ed (the surname is irrelevant). The U.S. version came up with a list of pages, links to fan sites, etc. The U.K. version came up with a similar list of pages and links to fan sites, but it also came up with a couple of links to pages on impotence. 'Is there something this guy isn't telling the world?', I asked myself. Further investigation revealed that British doctors refer to impotence as 'Erectile Dysfunction', shortened to ED.


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imho you will find the best search engine by far to be 'boogle' or is it 'google' ([Broken link removed by Moderator]or www.google.com according to preference). I dont know why this is so, or who they are, or anything, nor do I have any vested interest, just passing it on.

And I might, whilst in praising mode, endorse our author's high opinion of the spontex wire thingummy. It is jolly good! It doesnt even scratch non-stick linings.

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