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Cups and glasses first or last?

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Cheerful Dragon

I did the washing-up when I was living with my parents and my mother always insisted that the cups and glasses should be washed before the dirty plates and pans, because the cups and glasses weren't greasy. Richard (my husband) does the plates first because the water's hotter at this stage. (He never did the washing up when he was living at home.) This has never lead to rows; if he's doing the dishes I leave him to it. It does illustrate that different people do things in different ways and different orders.

Cups and glasses first or last?

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Underground Caroline

I always go for glasses first, as the random bits of food etc, that collect in the dish water don't end up sticking to them. That was the way my mum always did them. I reckon mothers are bound to know best smiley - smiley

Cups and glasses first or last?

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If anyone argues about the washing up I just give in and let them do it smiley - smiley

Cups and glasses first or last?

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Seems to me a wonderful opportunity for an row/argument missed, and all that ammunition to hand!

I would venture to suggest the extravagent approach. Do all the plates & utensils first, then empty the bowl and prepare a clean one with minimal washing up liquid for the cups and glasses.

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