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Can anyone help, we have just moved and have what seems to be a lovely estabished garden.There are a number of different shubs&lots of ferns!! (not sure whether this is good or not)
I have noticed at the far end of the garden there is lots of flying bugs all over the plants.How do I get rid of these?
how far back should I cut the overgrown plants/shubs. I am new to all this garden stuff much advise would be much appreciated.

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I'd suggest that you don't really touch anything for a year. That way you can really see what's in your garden, and if something comes up you might like.

If the flying bugs are sort of swarming around you may have water somewhere - a pond hidden in the overgrowth, or perhaps it's just a bit boggy because of all the rain we've had.

Where abouts are you?

If you want to cut things back, some shrubs and plants prefer spring, some prefer Autumn for their pruning, but I never cut anything in the spring because I garden for wildlife and there might be things living in it, bringing up young, or at the very least, abandoning their eggs in it. Of course Autumn is dodgy as well, because things might be settling down to hibernate in it.

I'd suggest that you visit the library and get some gardening books out. If it's the first time you've really had to do gardening, Alan Titchmarsh has a couple of books 'how to be a gardener' which are really good. You can usually find some on ebay going cheap.

You may find more gardeners to talk to who have more experience than me here - A3461898 - if you want to post there and say hi as well.

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