A Conversation for The 1970s

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Since I gave myself the nick of The_Poet I have absolutely no idea how I came to be posted up as jamin. Never mind....

...as for the hair, I have a clear memory of long dark flowing hair, itchy with grease. Later in the early 80's I swept it back and called it New Romantic........ but I am much better now thank you.

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Trillian's child

Actually I think my kids would be glad they had ANYTHING to wear. If I got off this site I might get some washing and ironing done. They just came in and gave me a bollocking. One because he wanted the computer, the other because he hasn't got any underpants.

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SPINY (aka Ship's Cook)

...and the teleprinter was a MODERN interface. When I were a lad (some of which was in the seventies), you had to type each line of code onto a separate card on a machine the size of an estate car. A meaty program could end up as 2-300 cards or more. Woe betide you if the elastic band round them snapped...

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Sho - employed again!

(just got sent here from somewhere else)

only to smiley - run, screaming, from the memories of those cards.

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Having recently returned from spending quite a bit of time in Africa, much of it in the bush i am thoroughly enjoying London life again.

I cannot help but chuckle though when i not only see teenagers wearing a kind of seventies look(amongst others....60s etc)....but also talking so hip and cool and offering little but looks of disdain to anything over 30.....how very uncool!!

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Sho - employed again!

I was showing some photos of me and my schoolfriends to one of my young (25) colleagues. She fancies herself as a bit of a fashion icon and was disturbed to see us wearing stuff that is available now... and with my explanation that we'd mostly stolen it from our mothers!

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she must of been quite deflated.....good for you!!!(chuckle chuckle)

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Sho - employed again!

they recently "discovered" Dark Side of the Moon... sigh.

Most disgusted when I told them I bought it first time round.

I like to keep them on their toes (by keeping up to date with new trends - not literally, but reading up on them)

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Lol...Dark side of the Moon....seems crazy to think it was released so long ago.....in some ways it is like yesterday!!....so did they get into it?

I think that it probably helps keep you on your toes too....i am sure it does me.

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I remember where I lived in the 70's (Portsmouth) there were 2 main gangs, hairies (like hippies) and smoothies (like skinheads). The fashions were awful, but the hairies I hung around with managed to make matters even worse by 'cross-dressing' hairy and smoothie stuff, like wearing doc Marten boots and crombies with tank tops and flares, or two-tone trousers with afghans. I still thank the stars there are no photographs of me from that dreadful era! We even used to extend our flares with extra wedges. Later we wore three-waist-band trousers and Oxford bags (shudder!). This was also the time when the hideous 'mullet' hair-style took off smiley - erm I sometimes like to think we were pioneers of a kind, pre-disastering fashion so later generations could wear jeans halfway-down their bums with stylistic impunity, knowing that nothing could possibly look as terrible as we did! smiley - winkeye

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Sho - employed again!

gawds, I'd forgotten about this thread!

my colleagues got into Pink Floyd alright, not only Dark Side of the Moon, but I also made them listen to Wish You Were Here, too, and lots of other stuff.

smiley - biggrinsmiley - ok

But now they're trying to convince me that flairs are better than straight trousers for me.

I can resist!


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I haven't seen mention of that distinctive trademark of the 1970's:

Long Sideburns

Most guys had them up to about 1977 when they fell out of fashion. Today if you are watching a movie, news clip or TV program and see a man with bushy sideburns extended to his jaw line, you know it was made in the early '70s.

In high school there is always a struggle between the students and the "powers that be" over dress code issues. For me in the 1970's it was often the sideburn code. Our school required that sideburns be "above the earlobe". Now that may seem pretty long already but some of us wanted them even longer. Also the code said nothing about the width of the sideburn so if you were fortunate enough to have well developed facial follicles, you could grow a sideburn that was up to 2 inches wide at the bottom!

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